Des(s)ert, Beaches and California Love, Oh My!!!!

worth too many word(s)

Southern California is not a place that I love.  Yes, I said it.  In a way I have always had an issue with the entire southern portion of my home state.  Although it is not my favorite place, I must acknowledge that I have grown fonder of the part of the state simply because of the few people that live there that I love.  More importantly I embrace the area for the amount of growth that I had while living there for approximately 4 years.  One of the things that I truly love about Southern California is the wonderful weather and beautiful beaches.  I love the fact that within an hour you can be on the coast living it up with beautiful views on the Pacific Coast Highway or in edge of the Mojave Desert wondering how its possible to feel comfortable in 110 degree heat or even more importantly why its so hard to see the mountains behind the thick smog blown in from the greater Los Angeles area.   One treasure that I found on my last trip to Southern California was Artesia.  This town is located in Orange County and is known as Little India.  What my friend and I didn’t realize is that when you get off the freeway to enter Artesia, you first drive through Little Korea.  Good thing a couple of signs never stopped us from exploring.


While I wrote  couple days ago about my trip to Artesia, this post will focus on all that I love about the Inland Empire.  Now the Inland Empire (IE) may not have the best reputation but it is a place that I grew up and acknowledged my need to constantly get out of my comfort zone.  I grew to know my father’s parents before they passed away and fell in and out of love with a dear friend.   I learned that my grandfather thought of me as a princess (giggle).  I learned the meaning of a haystack.  I ran/walked a marathon.  I met my friend, roommie and bloggmate.  I lived in a record number (3 apartments in 1 month).  I almost had my first apartment with a porch and a backyard.  I tasted the perfect pomegranate martini.  I slept under the starts in Joshua Tree.  I taught my first grad school level course.  I found my order name (clarissa – every person with a remotely unique name should get an order name that they can use for ordering food and fast food restaurants and making reservations).  I even learned that having a car with leather seats, no ac and a drivers side window that doesn’t roll down is almost bearable if you drive fast when its 115 degrees.  I learned that Red Sangria will not stain a burgundy futon if you react quickly enough.  I have a new respect for the Seventh Day Adventist Church.  I loved the 99 Cent Store for supplying me with some of the best and cheapest Sangria ingredients ever.  I attended the most amazing kick boxing class in the history of the world.  I even learned to love the hidden treasures of dessert life (especially when the dessert blooms).  I learned that you can live in southern California without a car.  I officially became an REHS.  I fell in love with me!!


Southern California and the IE get a bad rap if you usually talk to me but after being gone for a couple years, I can sit back and reflect on all that I learned about the OTHER half of my home state.


Peace B. Still,


~ by travelling womanists on August 5, 2011.

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