Lessons My Brother Taught Me

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Authors Note:  Given that today marks the 20 something birthday of my dear brother Chinouyazura Mandala Kyese Shalu Mandela Dotson Newman, I thought it fitting to post this tribute to not just my brother but all the brothers that sometimes dont know how much WE love them.  Chinouyazura, thanks for teaching me all the lessons that the Business of Life can teach me. 


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Recently I have found myself having questions about relationships and love.  The one thing that I realized through many of these conversations is that I continue and want to celebrate the love that I share with my brother.  I posted something last week about my love for my sister.  It hit me as I posted this that I very rarely share, with the outside world of course, how much I love my brother.  You see me and my brother look almost exactly alike.  I remember one of my friends once noting that my brother looked like a handsome more masculine version of me.  I didn’t exactly take this as a compliment but understood what she was saying.  What is important is that we often forget to take time out to really let our little brothers know how much we love them.  I know that my family shows love in a bunch of different ways.  I know that I personally show love through spending time.  I will probably never remember a birthday, or send you a card or gift for whatever day but the one thing that I can do for you is spend time with you doing anything you want to do.  Now what I realized in admitting this is that on my last couple of trips home I have done exactly the opposite of what I just explained for my little brother.  I was in and out and in and out and in and out.  I spent time with my little cousins, my mother, my father, my sister, my grandma, my friends and anyone else that I could make time for or that would make time for me.  In this I need to first apologize to my brother.  I apologize to him for not being there when he needed me to be.   I apologize for not loving him sometimes as much as he wanted me too.  I apologize for sometimes just not taking part in the foolery and being just a little bit too uptight.  I want to let him know that I love his bad jokes.  I love the fact that in his witty sometimes off color comments, I do see his intelligence and genius.  I want him to know that even though, I get upset at his behavior I still speak him into existence when I miss him  most.  I love the way that he can turn nastiness into a culinary masterpiece.  I want to let him know that I love him enough to give him a hard time when I feel he is not living up to the potential that I see in him.  I even love that he is creative enough to follow his dream although I don’t agree with the content of his musical expression.  I love my brother and want to find a way to let him know this.  I realize that we all struggle with showing love once our brothers become the men that we didn’t know they would be.  I struggle with my outward expression but never with what I know and that is that we are one and I LOVE MY BROTHER!!!

Peace B. Still,



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~ by travelling womanists on August 15, 2011.

5 Responses to “Lessons My Brother Taught Me”

  1. Awww, ditto to my baby bro;)

    • Thanks for the comment. I know little brothers need to hear the little things. keep up the great work on your blog…cant wait to hear more about fashion, love and culture of the caribbean woman

  2. Right on Point!!!! A Shay, A shay, A shay!

  3. Thanks, girl! Keep IT COMING!!!!

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