Is Summer Almost Over? What to do before the fall arrives

Hello Everyone, Sorry for the hiatus! You would think that I do not appreciate sharing experiences or that I was in a little funk.  I am back, yeah, I got my groove back. It hit me the summer (heatwaves GOODBYE!) is almost over. No more days on the beach, bike rides to wherever and fun BBQs. Here is what you can do before the last days of summer creep by.

1. Go to Block Island! What? Yep, Block Island is a quick and quint trip for you and a few friends. No car is needed just rent a bike or scooter and you will be fine. Enjoy fresh lobster rolls and get in touch with New England.

View from the Ferry to Block Island

2. Go to Philadelphia What is in Philly? Tons of “American” history, great food, art and music. Plus, the tourist scene is not as packed as New York City.

City of LOVE

3. Go to Bermuda! Bermuda is not like your built up American tourist destination i.e. Cancun.  The island is small and people are very friendly.  You should get some snorkels or go for a few dives and enjoy the beautiful beaches!

Get in the water!

4. Vermont.  Are you trying to cool down? Head to Vermont. Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, tons of cheese (go to Cabot creamery) to try and enough beer, will keep your taste buds very happy. Plus, it is a great way to spend a few days and stay cool.



Cabot is Great!

5. Pittsburgh. Don’t say anything about the ‘Burgh, unless it is good! You are in for a place that has small town feel, great prices and tons to see! Start off at Fallingwater, head into the Strip district for good food and music and please don’t forget to pick up STEELERS gear (Black and Yellow all day)!



6. California.  The state is large enough to house Hollywood, the Bay Area and tons of desert.  Head to Joshua Tree, check out Oakland or take a great drive down or up Pacific Coast Highway!

Chilling in San Fran


7. New York City

Ten years before 9/11, the city is starting to put up signs for the anniversary and inform the public that certain tourist attractions will be closed. Come out to Brooklyn! Go to a Staten Island Yankees game and check out the one of the many free concerts taking place in the city.

New York City


8. What about Your Hometown?

Sometimes, going home is just what you need to do before ending summer.

9. Let us know what and where you want to go before the end of this summer! Please feel free to share stories, photos and videos!



~ by travelling womanists on August 16, 2011.

One Response to “Is Summer Almost Over? What to do before the fall arrives”

  1. Saugatuck, Michigan. According a travel magazine, the beach in Saugatuck is among the best beaches in America (I don’t agree). Saugatuck is small but quaint and have tons of great small-town attractions – wine tasting, blueberries, yard art, dunes and boating activities, bike riding, to name a few. A great location for friends and lovers to enjoy together.

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