Falling in Love with Montana? Yes, Montana!! pt 1

So I distinctly remember hearing one of my favorite comedienne Paul Mooney tell a joke about the many times that people don’t believe the situations that he talks about in his standup routines as being true.  This always resonated with me because as I so often do, I tell stories about my encounters with many people and often people believe that I am making things up or exaggerating for comic relief.   Hence, once upon a time in big sky country to dear friends experienced just how much of my stories are true.  Of course I knew this all along.  All of the stories are true, well at least 90 % are (wink wink).


We arrive in big sky country, Montana to be exact and I suddenly begin this will be the perfect place to play one of my favorite games (unfortunately, I have noticed that I have been playing this game all too often.  I should also add that this game begun back in 03 or 04 when I attended a wonderful music event with a dear friend).  Oh whats that you say?  What could this game possibly be?  Well its called “Count the Black People or People of Color” depending on where you are.  I began playing this upon arriving to Missoula where I was met in the airport by a wonderfully aging, what I perceive to be, African-American couple.  After leaving the airport, we head into Missoula which turns out to be the “Berkeley/Brooklyn” of Montana.  At first sight I realize there is something very charming about this place.  While walking to dinner I find that this sleepy yet vibrant big sky town does have a lot to offer.  There is amazing hiking, wonderful people watching (although I still have not seen another black person) and some of the friendliest people I have ever seen.  The air smells of anything but smog and diesel and I immediately realize that I don’t feel the same anxieties that I feel while wandering through the big bad city.  I feel at peace being here and wonder if Montana may be more than I ever expected.  I quickly realized the answer to my question was yes!!  This was answered when I woke up for breakfast at the best Bed & Breakfast I have ever been to.  Blossoms has an amazing chef (Stacy).  Her breakfast alone sold me on Montana.  Not to mention that the place was all that I love about architecture (it was craftsman bungalow style home).  All of the helpful hints that my travel guides and I got were amazing.  We set out to the Good Food Store and stocked up on good food for our trip.  As we began to drive we immediately were amazed by something that I had never really noticed while driving through other reservations or areas where native americans lived.  Almost all of the signs were in another language.  What language we didn’t know but it was clear we were not in America anymore or were we?  We continued to drive through these signs and came upon an amazing view.  Mountains mountains and more mountains….slowly as I turned my head to reflect on the amazingness of the view, I noticed something: National Bison Reserve.

almost the REAL thang...

“Ummm…ladies can we please please please go to the National Bison Reserve?”  This was one of the best decisions  that we made in my opinion.  On the other side of the road we came across some of the nicest people that we met while in Montana.  A father and his two sons were watching a herd of elk up on the hill.  They told us about their trip to an amazing lake and highly recommended that we stop for Huckleberry Ice Cream in front  of the Native American Museum.

in awe of the huckleberry by AMI

Now usually I am not one to be all friendly but how could I resist a lovely blonde child with deep blueish purple huckleberry soft serve ice cream all over his face.  Exactly, you cant.  Just as we were beginning to turn around and be ok with the idea that we had no seen a single bison on the edge of the huge reserve, I notice a slowly moving black blob moving across the hillside.  Sure enough, with the assistance of some very trusty binoculars, my bison was confirmed.  I knew this trip was going to be amazing.

More to come….

Peace B. Still



~ by travelling womanists on August 20, 2011.

One Response to “Falling in Love with Montana? Yes, Montana!! pt 1”

  1. don’t stop now, it’s just getting interesting!

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