Falling in Love with Montana?! Yes, Montana pt 2

Beautiful ReCOGnition?!



We ended up stopping at the Huckleberry ice cream stand and decided on a small cone of huckleberry and vanilla goodness.  We picked up some huckleberry and choke cherry jam and continued on our merry way.  We also realized that it took us way way way too long to go about 50 miles and that if we wanted to make it to Glacier in time to make dinner, we would need to curb the amount of time we took stopping to take photos  of big sky country.  We continued to follow our map quest directions and in no time at all we came up to the beautiful lake that was described the huckleberry ice cream faced boys and their father.  Flathead lake happens to be a great place to get choke cherries (unfortunately we were about 3 weeks too early for cherry season) and is the largest fresh water body west of the Mississippi.  As we passed through another reservation I was struck by the amazingness of the landscape and forced to think about the present state of the people that once called this beautiful place home.  That were forced into a specific area and began to live a new life.  How would I feel if this was once my home and now was not.  While sobering it was also amazing to see what amazing surprises Montana had to offer.  As we drove deeper into Big Sky country, I found myself more and more engulfed in all that I saw.  I also wondered why it was 6 o’clock at night but sunset seemed to be nowhere in sight.  As we began to get closer and closer to glacier I was struck by another trend.

Languages by Anuja

The presence of strong language that reflected good ol fashioned Christian beliefs.  I counted at least 5 signs stating the 10 commandments during our 200 to 300 mile trek in the car to glacier national park.  This does not include the other signs that told of bible camp, bible verses or just claimed of the glory of god.  Now I love me some of whatever helps you get to where you need to be but was quite fascinated by the presence of these signs.  Not just because of the frequency but juxtaposed against the signs that we saw in Native American languages.  It made me fascinated to think about the winning of the west, manifest destiny, native americans, people of color and all that stuff that I guess is always in the back of your mind as a person of color working with a bit of a social consciousness.  Although all of this was running through my head, I was still relaxed and not mad at any of the white people that I encountered.  Which sometimes can happen when you start thinking too much about oppression and get into thinking about blame and anger.  In the midst of all of this I still felt happy, relaxed, thankful, awe-inspired and not a bit impacted by the altitude or the fact that it was probably close to 8 now and it still was not dark outside.  Finally we arrived in Glacier National Park.  We were in a National Park and I felt so excited.  I was even more excited as I spotted the rushing rivers and we began to pass waterfalls.  I started to realize and think about the development of the natural park system and then we see it, our new digs: Bear Creek Cabins…..

Peace B. Still


Unexpected Expectations


~ by travelling womanists on August 23, 2011.

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