Falling in Love with Montana? Yes, Montana!! pt 3

Our Home in Montana

As we pull up to the lodge we see some cute little cabins and a family of brothers with a huge dog.  I also see a baby stroller in the distance and immediately notice a little brown baby with an expressionless face sitting in the stroller.  As we pull up and introduce ourselves to the men, we realize by their introductions of course that it is a father and his two sons that run the place.  This family is just as friendly as any other people that we have met in Montana.  What does strike me is that as soon as I begin walking toward the cabins that man pushing the stroller asks me a very interesting question:

“hey lady!  Do you know how to do hair?”

Now this caught me off guard because my locs were in somewhat of disarray.  I had party/afro in the front (the pictures of me at this point in the trip are a mess) and locs in the back.  Now this man began to explain that his fiancé was a black woman just like me.  Of course this sent me into all kinds of thoughts and when I met her I became even more confused.   Especially since her hair was permed and we clearly had very different styles.  But anyway it always cracks me up to hear the questions that men ask about women’s style.  More importantly this question when I first heard it was taken in a bunch of different ways.  I felt a little bit of confusion, I felt a bit offended and it also just made me giggle.  Over the course of the trip the question made more sense and it was simply a question that was asked in all honesty in earnest.  The family that we grew to know over the course of the trip was full of love and kindness.  Although the Bear Creek Ranch wasn’t the poshest of places to stay, the family that hosted us made up for it in kindness, love, genuineness and honesty.  I will forever carry them with me in my memory.

Meadow of DREAMS

This brings me to our first hike in glacier national park.  As we entered East Glacier, I was struck by the population of 305 and the fact that the most well known Mexican restaurant in what seemed like all of Montana was located in this town. Serrano’s had impressive food and is the setting for a funny story about another encounter being 1 of very few black people in Montana (and I don’t even live there).  After a bad ass hike of 10 plus miles filled with waterfalls, earth songs, my bad attitude toward the end of the hike, the identification of my next new adventure (im going to try stand up), an encounter with bear poo, the most amazing waterfall again, chipmunk love, a moose, too much snow, the identification of an old avalanche path and way too many mosquitos me and my travel buddies headed to Serrano’s for some much needed sustenance at 10 pm (might I add it was still light out).  While entering Serrano’s I saw my first black person that looked like they actually lived in Montana.  This man was standing with his back toward me with a bright yellow road work vest on.  He looked like he had been doing something on the road for some time and was tired from a long days work.  As I walked up on the porch past him he stopped in disbelief and said:

“Hey do you live here”

I replied “What do you think?”

He said “No”

I replied “Good guess!  Do you?”

He said “Unfortunately, yes!  But can you believe a black lady works in that restaurant.”  He shook his head and pulled a long drag of his cigarette.

I replied “yeah, I can.  She lives at the lodge we are staying at.”

Our Baby

See the black woman that worked in the restaurant was the fiancé of the man that asked me if I could do hair.  She suggested that we stop by the restaurant cause she would be working and could have a drink with us.  Because the restaurant was closing I had to rush in and could not finish what would have proved to be a very interesting conversation.  This food was great.  Not just because I was starving and had probably hadn’t burned calories like this since 2003 (this was the final year I played college soccer).  After a wonderful margarita too too much cheese and bread I was happy with life and we headed back to the ranch.  Between the questions, the cheese, the margaritas and the altitude, I felt like I could really be in love with Montana.  Was the altitude causing me to have the dream of a middle-aged upper class white woman?  Was I experiencing the “Eat, Pray, Love” moment?  Hello to the naw…I was simply falling in love with Montana?  Cant a sistah fall in love with Big Sky Country?

Peace B. Still,


Missoula Aint the only Thing Magical bout Montana


~ by travelling womanists on August 29, 2011.

4 Responses to “Falling in Love with Montana? Yes, Montana!! pt 3”

  1. I am SO jealous of you!!! I want to take my bad attitude into the woods and encounter bear poo, too! 😉

    • Ms. Eternally Summer!! Jealousy does not look good on you!! Peace Love and Hairgrease Lady!! Next I may just have to blog about my love for carnival. I think I missed out on some foolery this year!!

  2. Welcome to Montana! I moved to Billings in Feb.I haven’t been to Glacier National Park yet was thinking of postponing it until next year….but if it the weather holds awhile longer….

    The RUNNING OF THE SHEEP is going to be in Reedpoint on Sept 4th They claim its only rival is the RUNNING OF THE BULLS in Spain!

    The bar in town serves Rocky Mountain Oysters….chase ’em with whiskey… Nothing like gnawing on testicles to improve the feminist state of mind!

    • Thanks Elizabeth for your response to the blog. I love your comment about the running of the sheep and look forward to returning to Montana to check out more and more and more of the beautiful state. I look forward to going back to Glacier and actually being able to drive the Going to the Son Road. When I visited it was still quite snowy in some places, including where I went on my hike in Glacier. If you get a chance take the Scenic Point Hike (its a 2200 foot climb in elevation over 3.8 miles or so) and well worth the hike. Its funny cause Montana is like New Mexico to me. A state that I didnt really think twice about visiting and once I got there, i fell in LOVE LOVE LOVE.

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