The Most Important Road Trip of the Summer

I am a little tired of road trips. I do love to travel but road trips are just a tad exhausting. I was not looking forward to the seven hour drive to Buffalo, New York. A car of older women, two young adults, Julio Iglesias and enough french ballads to get through an emergency was enough to test any sane persons last nerve. When we finally arrived to his dorm room, it started to hit me, just a bit. He was actually leaving us.

When my cousin started to take his bags of the car and make final purchases for his freshman year, I realized that this would be the end (and beginning) of so many trips.  Soon his friends, love interests and maybe, his studies will trump  just wanting to chat and hang out with his older “cool” cousin.

Okay...I think we were actually trying to talk about something serious.


My cousin is a 40 year old man living inside an 18 years olds body. I am not nervous about the knuckle head things that he will do because we were all 18 at some point. I am not sad that he is away, even though I am heart broken that I need to find someone else to iron my clothes.  I am actually happy, that I was able to be here for this important step.  Less than ten years ago, he could barely speak English and left his mother who he continues to speak to daily. He left everything that he knew so that he could have a better life. Now, he is in college. He was a super star in high school and if you knew this kid (not just becasue he is my cousin) you know that he is focused and going to succeed.

While I might not have enjoyed all the French ballads or the Julio Iglesias, they did bring back memories.  Memories of road trips with my Haitian family, memories of packing as many people in a car to support someones’ major milestone.  I can’t wait to hear about the parties, the new job, classes, the relationships and all his studying (of course!) I guess this road trip let me know for the next few years another part of New York has a special place in my heart.


The Kid is All Grown Up


Road trips are a great (and tiring) thing, but this was definitely  the most important of summer.  To the entering Freshman class of 2011 this is for you; your parents, family and friends are all rooting for you! Good Luck, go and see the world. Be fearless and develop your voice in this world, because life will only get better from here.  Thanks Fanfan, we are all so proud of you. Fanfan, your GOING PLACES! Just remember to send us a postcard!

The "Serious" One on The Right







~ by travelling womanists on August 31, 2011.

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