Welcome to Oxford, Ohio! Just be ready to be unexpected!

When you roll into Oxford, after the windy roads of farmland you realize this is clearly a college town. Everything was built to support Miami University and everyone kinda looks the same. You might have said that before, but go to this town and this crosses your mind:   hmm, excuse my ignorance but why are boat shoes, khaki shorts and the same five colors of button down shirts such a best seller?

How did I get to Oxford, Ohio?  Road Trip, of course! Are you a bit curious, what was I doing in Oxford, Ohio?  Well, my boyfriends close friends wedding, the last road trip of the summer and our “attempt” to help the American economy, of course.  I must be honest, I am looking forward to a winter of brewing beer, reading in huge sweaters and finding some new hobby that does not involve being in a car for close to 12 hours.

There were so many realizations on this trip.

1. I really do not know how I feel about road trips that are over 12 hours longs. Well, I realized that being in a car for over 12 hours is about the point that I start to understand the importance of rest stops  and wanted to visit almost every other rest stop.

2. Say HI to everyone, especially when you roll into a town and you ask yourself, what year is it? Mullets, faded jeans, and people who are genuinely happy to be working where they work.  You have nothing to lose by being nice!  And, the lotto gods thought the same thing when I scratched off and won 10 bucks. Not bad for a $1 investment.

3. If you are willing to go to a wedding in the Midwest and you are the only Black person the color lines are down once the band starts asking people to dance.  Almost, everyone likes to dance at weddings! Even the grandmothers were too much for me to keep up with in Ohio.

Dance Away

4. Read realization 1 again, then somehow in the middle of all the dancing and releasing Chinese Lanterns into the sky, this was the only place that I wanted and needed to be.

5. People love to celebrate love, they love weddings, but they also love to see people who love each other and just love life!

Wedding Time

6. Do NOT Underestimate the power of a white, sorta middle-aged, wedding band that can go into CEE-LOs “Forget You” and then a few songs later have us “Rolling in the Deep” like Adele, while still having some oldies and goodies.  They were one of the best wedding bands that I have heard.


7. Fall and Winter have the power of slowing us down. And, for once in my life, I am ready for that.










~ by travelling womanists on September 13, 2011.

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