A Wonderful Year of Lessons: Happy Birthday!

Some people have started to call me gran moun,  an old person in Haitian Creole/Kreyol. I guess I did not get the momo that I was old.  Maybe, It should have hit me last night as I crawled out of hot yoga and the younger toned more consisted students were breathing in and not feeling as though their meals of the days would be shared with the class with another pose.

This year has been amazing and I just want to quickly recap what can happen in a year!

1. Start Your Own Business. Why not put your energy into something that you are passionate about? (October 2010)

Forgotten Language


2. Cook like you own the kitchen (and gain a few pounds) and the Food Network. Well, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years (November, December and January) were a lot on my kitchen and my figure. But, the food was good! According to everyone else, of course.


Food, food and more food. No wonder we gain weight during the holidays.


3. Date, date, date….shake, shake, shake….Shake your  booty! Go out there and meet people! I just so happened to meet my partner. Hey, not a bad idea. And, I was told we clean up well and kinda make a cute couple, when we aren’t too busy being goof balls. (November, December and January)

Yes, folks, we enjoy singing and being extra cheesy in photos.


4. Help a friend and let friends help you out!  Yep, we are in a recession, last time I checked every major publication seems to agree on that fact. So, do you know someone with a small business that you can consult with until you get that job? What have you got to lose? Nothing. (January to October)

Helping Hands


5. Travel to an Island (Aruba, Bahamas, ooooh, I want to take you to the Kokomo, you get the point) . We choose Jamaica! Really, we choose alone and quiet time. I am finally at a point where I can appreciate stillness and doing nothing. (March)


Amazing Sunset in Negril



6. Fall in Love with New England. Vermont and Massachusetts have a special place in m heart. I mean, Massachusetts, is home to some really nice people I know…not including any Red Sox fans 🙂 (May and September)

Nature, beer, cheese and ice cream, what could be more fun?


7. Take time to be a happy black woman or a happy _____ person via the 31 day reset! Do you want to be happy? Do you want to save any where from 2,000 to 10,000 US Dollars? Then do the reset and you will see how much money you saved after you complete it! And, yes, I am a very happy (grateful and blessed) Black Woman.  (August unti Infinity)

I am a Happy Black Woman


8. Did I say job hunt? Because being unemployed is no joke. And, I am not a Williamsburg hipster that wears ironic t-shirts with a trust fund or a Presidents daughter. So, I had to (and wanted to) work. I got a job and would like to think it helps the states and countries unemployment numbers. But, we all the answer on that one. (September)

I got a job!


9.  Reconnect spiritually!  Go figure, the girl who wanted to be a nun and was a religious studies major in college wants to re-engage with Spirituality.  And so, I did. It is amazing and it works for me and those around me. Do we have anything to lose by being more compassionate human beings? (February, fell off the wagon and got back on in August)

Not an Eat, Pray, Love Moment.


10. Volunteer! I happened to volunteer at two amazing spaces that let me be me. Weeksville Heritage  Center and Sacred Brooklyn. Pay it forward. (August and September)

Now, I present to you, Me! The happy, relationship building, path-finding, ego-shrinking, kind and creative soul that wants to inspire and help the world!  I have so much to be grateful for and planting roots where I am seems to be one the best decisions that I ever made.  So for today, on the day that I become another year older, I can tell you to start where you and appreciate waking up this morning and realizing you are here.

Happy Birthday!



~ by travelling womanists on October 5, 2011.

4 Responses to “A Wonderful Year of Lessons: Happy Birthday!”

  1. Awwww you are adorable Lolinha 😉

  2. Wow. You really did have an amazing year! You rock! Great post! Happy Birthday!
    Also, you’re totally not old … but you’re still such a cougar! 🙂 haha

  3. So glad that this was a year of growth and inspiration for you, and love that you took some time to reflect on it all. You rocked it Lodz!

  4. Girl you are so inspiring! Happy happy birthday. I am so happy you had an amazing year and that you are a happy black woman. I am in the process of getting there myself and your blog helped reinvigorate me.

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