Actually, feminism is for EVERYBODY!

When one woman cries in Liberia, Nigeria, Guinea, her voice is heard throughout Africa.” As I watched the PBS documentary, “Women, War and Peace”, I could not help to think about the struggles against women and bell hooks book, feminism is for everyone. As the documentary showcased crimes, specifically rape, against women in Germany, Bangladesh, the former Yugoslavia and countries throughout out West Africa such as Liberia and Nigeria. I initially reflected on what it means to be a woman, what feminism and the impact of rape looks like on a community level. And for once, it was refreshing, rather, long overdue that woman around the world finally had their voice heard.

Women around the world, in war zones are at risk for being victims of rape. Moreover, it was interesting to see various heads of state acknowledge that rape was used as a war tactic.  Listening to the stories of woman who organized and demanded for peace and equal rights was extremely emotional.  As women shared their stories about being pregnant with the men or boys that raped them, having their husbands abandon them because of shame and dealing with their broken communities, bell hooks came into my head. All I could think about was the cover of “feminism is for everyone”.


It works if you work it!


Many people have a range of definitions for feminism. I want to look at it from this angle: “Feminism is a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression”. Who on earth, would be against this?  Equal treatment for women. Imagine nations where equal treatment for women actually existed.

I remember meeting rape victims in throughout the United States and the countries that I have lived in. It does not get easier to meet a woman and hear her story. The one lesson that I have learned is that it is equal rights for everybody just makes sense.


This body is mine: it can't be beaten, sold or killed.



~ by travelling womanists on November 10, 2011.

2 Responses to “Actually, feminism is for EVERYBODY!”

  1. Working with the formerly incarcerated I’ve had contact with many symtoms of this subject of rape: Child prostitutes on International Blvd. in Oakland, formerly incarcerated women that killed their husband or boyfriend after many years of abuse, and young 13-16 girls in juvenile hall for prostitution.
    Most of the young women were suffering from symptoms what we call PTSD. I was fortunate to see the strength and resilience of Marsha & Michelle from Women Against Rape (WAR), volunteers who conducted workshops with former abusers helping them understand what they had done. Feminism is for everybody.

    • Thanks so much MR. Newman. I really think people need to start to think about what feminism looks like on a day to day basis. Many people would be surprised that feminism and love are for everybody!

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