These People Passed in 2011.

This year has had its ups and its down. One thing in certain in life and 2011, there were deaths. The shocking , the tear jerker  and the deaths that people fought not to happen.  As I read the news (and comments) about Kim Jong Il and watched the Ravens get destroyed by the Chargers, I thought who who else died this year? We know a lot of people passed, celebrities, soldiers, elderly people and loved ones. As I researched information throughout 2011 these are the people that I remembered and wanted to share a moment to remember their lives and spirits.

1. I am TROY DAVIS. You are Troy Davis. We are Troy Davis. Troy Davis was executed on September 21, 2011. He was accused on accused of killing a police officer in Georgia. No matter how you personally felt about Troy Davis and the evidence that was on the table, a life was lost this year that many believe was killed unjustly.

Troy Davis

2. The “Bad  GUYS”! Osama Bin Laden, Muamaar Gaddafi and Kim Jong Il.  Say what you want to but I think everyone remembers the __ (you fill the blank) photo of people in New York City cheering when Obama let everyone know Osama was dead. Not surprising, when the announcement came that Gaddafi was dead, celebrations were shown on the internet. And, last night, people genuinely wonder what the future hold for North Korea.

3.  Ceseria Evora, the barefoot diva, from Cape Verde, came into the world with a voice that all were lucky to hear. She left the world, this past weekend and all wish would could listen to her one more time.

4. Susana Chavez.  This year, I realized that I rad through the obituaries on a more consistant basis.  I, selfishly, hope that I do not come across a person that I know. The problem with that is when you come across someone that is close to your age, you take a moment to reflect about your life, day, and being.   Susana, a poet and human rights activist was 36. She was found murdered and her body was mutilated.  She Chavez helped popularize the slogan “Not One More Death” as part of a campaign to bring attention to the killings of hundreds of women in Juarez. The women were raped, strangled and dumped in the desert for 10 years starting in 1993.

Susana Chavez

5. The Protester. While Time Magazine recently listed the protester as the person of the year. Around the world, the protester, lost their his/her life fighting and assembling for what they believed in.  More importantly, the protester let the world know that if you get off your behind, the masses can assemble and bring change to the world.

The Protester

6.  My family friends son. I will simply say, he was a person of color, young (about 21, schizophrenia who committed suicide. This hits so close to home for several reasons. The larger issue is that there was a family (of color) that accepted that their child had a serious mental health issue. Moreover, and maybe the most disturbing part is that he killed himself when he was in the hospital receiving treatment. He was buried last week and his family is trying to adapt to their “new normal”.

Let us know whose spirit that you will remember as the year comes to a close. Who inspired you? Who made you laugh? Who didn’t you call enough? Who did you wish you had seen one more time?  Who passed in 2011 that touched you? Leave a comment and let us know.


~ by travelling womanists on December 19, 2011.

2 Responses to “These People Passed in 2011.”

  1. In 2011 I will be remembering my mother Pamela who passed away on August 29th. I miss her dearly each and everyday. This Christmas will be hard without her as this was her favorite holiday. My mom loved decorating and each year her display would get more and more elaborate. She also loved that all of children where together on this day. It was a tradition that I would get up to cook everybody breakfast on this day . This year I am not sure what we will do. However, I hope to at least continue this tradition in her honor.

    • Arthur,
      Thank you so much for your touching response. Have you decorated the house? Are all the children coming together this year? I do want to believe that your mothers’ spirit will be with you all. She will be in the house. I am sending you and your family love (I think Love is the center of many of our experiences) and laughter (for all the good and fun times that we had with our loved one, especially a mother) this season. Kembe Fem!

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