Bliss…Thank you, more please!!

Bliss at my Fingertips

Authors note: so this is one of too many blog posts that have been sitting in the draft form….well cheers to finally getting back on the blogging track!!)

Last weekend (October 15-ish, 2011) I took one of the most amazing “road trips” of my life.  Since I moved to NYC and gotten my Happy Black Woman on, I have worked hard to enjoy the simple pleasures and privileges that I encounter everyday of my life.  I was reminded about the importance of being thankful for these things while watching one of my last Netflix dvd’s “Happy Thank You More Please”  Now while this was not the best movie I have ever seen the message and/or title really resonated with me.  It took something that I’ve been working on putting into short succinct words and did that in a short scene.  Because this blog is not mostly about this movie, I will explain the scene in a super short way.  So the woman is talking about gratitude while telling a story about someone who imparted some knowledge on her her her!!  In the end she said that whenever she encountered something wonderful (Bliss) she would say: “Thank you, more please!”

In addition to my long preface about bliss to this story.  I wanted to give a shootout to myself (for finishing) and to my most favoritest website Happy Black Woman and the 31 Day Reset.  Ironically my theme for this year has been to say “yes” to things that I usually say “no” to.  As a result of this, I said “yes” to my friend Colleen’s annual trip to New England (more specifically York, Maine).  Now usually, I would say “yes” to this trip but was on the brink of saying “no” because I was moving soon.  As Colleen encouraged me to make the right decision and come on the trip, I thought about how much fun I had on this trip last year experiencing the East Coast’s version of Northern California.  That is right, I said it.  New England is the East Coast version of Northern California, not Brooklyn but New England.

Anywho, we started out a bit late on our trip to the wonderful world of Vacationland.  I slept most of the way there, listening to my sisters stories, giggling about the foolery that we might get into and dreaming about the food that I planned to eat, eat, eat (this includes nothing short of all things wonderful especially the Lobster Roll – which might I add, I am not a big fan off cause I don’t enjoy the chewy texture of Lobster).  It turned out that Vacationland was more than I could ask for.  Our first day was filled with relaxed learning, laughing and chatting with our wonderful host and his parents.  We talked about our plans for the next day and retired away to dreams and dreams and dreams.

Blissfully Sunny

On day 2 we woke up and set out for a boat ride.  Usually I am not too excited about a boat ride but figured that I would go with the flow.  We got some ridiculously awesome grub at St. Joe’s Coffee.  Although the donuts were a bit oily, the sandwiches and coffee were amazing.  Our bellies full we set out on the boat trip that turned me into what sounded like a screaming teenager.  We plunged  through the water and realized that this weekend we were going to have an amazing time enjoying Vacationland from an insider’s perspective.  We finished our boat ride with the wind blasting through my infinity scarf and picked up some grub and beers at a local watering hole.  This place not only provided great people watching but also lead us to a chance encounter with some of the wonderful folks I met with my friend on my last trip to Maine.   We headed back to get ready for a night out on the town in York at a fabulous restaurant.  After soaking in more vino and even more fun we piled into a taxi and headed to Portsmouth, New Hampshire for dancing and cultural immersion that proved to be a little more than we could handle (this is a separate blog on its own).  This night proved to be a little more than my little 30-year-old body could handle.  We piled ourselves into our beds and rested up for our next adventure…

Day 3 in Vacationland ended up being full of randomness.  We all sat around with our host and his parents soaking up the unseasonably warm weather and wondering what this day would hold.  Well this day ended up being one of the laziest days of my life. We sat and sat and sat and sat and sat and then came the idea that we would play with guns.   Yes, that is right guns.  First the small bb gun came out and the we progressed to higher caliber guns.  Then came the targets and my inevitable “yes” when I was asked if I wanted to shoot.  I never thought too much about shooting a gun or even whether I would want to or not.  As part of my theme for 2011 I said yes to unexpected things and this was no different.  Although I am still a bit indifferent about guns, I have to admit I had a great time and understood the allure of “good old-fashioned” fun.  We slowly got ourselves together and headed out for our next adventure in Portland, Maine.


Portland, Maine is a place that I can only describe as a quaint New England City filled with fun, promise, flair and a hippy-like art scene that I only thought existed in the thriving hills and valleys of Northern California.  We ate at an amazing Thai fusion restaurant called Boda, found our way (well at least my sister and her friend did this) marching with the Occupy Portlanders, gave the stank eye to folks in a wonderfully wretched dance club and ended the night dancing our booties off to the lovely sounds of a Jamaican reggae band mixed with Portlanders, Jamaicans and a random guy with the WORST body odor I have ever encountered that loved to play the didgeridoo.  This was the ultimate finale to a trip that I call Blissful to say the least.

It’s funny that all of this randomness came together in an experience that was uniquely lovely and characteristic of the fun times that I have embraced being a travelling womanist.

Peace B. Still



Blissfully Happy


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