Slap Some Glitter On It: 5 ways to embrace your body!!!

So it wasn’t too long ago (almost 20 plus years but who is counting) that my brother opened up the front door of our home in the nude and yelled something that he watched on one of his favorite Nickelodeon shows, Rugrats.  “Nakie is Free!” He shouted and then ran away from the stunned person, my friends father, who had come to tell us something that I don’t remember.  As I began thinking about my blog post for today I realized this was the perfect time for me to write about something that I literally have been thinking hard and fast about for a little bit.  This also seemed the opportune time to impart some of my newly acquired older people wisdom on the world.  You see, Tomy from Rugrats, my brother and even sometimes my sister have something right.  Being naked or at least comfortable with your nakedness is kind of liberating.  In addition being comfortable with your body, no matter what shape it is or what shape you are trying to get it into, is always refreshing.  When you get there you get there but in the in-between there is lots to talk about and do.  Since most people are adding the number 1 New Year’s Resolution to their list – getting into shape or getting into your skinny jeans or just getting back to the body you think you had 10 years ago – I though why not write about 5 ways I got more comfortable with my ever changing body while traveling the world as a womanist.  Hope you enjoy

PS…if your interested in the Rugrats episode that I am referring to click here.  Its actually quite funny with some other hidden messages that are perfectly fitting for any womanist, feminist or others (at least I thought it was kind of funny and cute – to bad I didn’t pick up on these references when I was younger).

Number 5 

So this is actually something that I picked up from my lovely sister.  CHILL OUT.  I cant believe how many times she has told me this and as I embrace her mantra, I realized that once I did take a chill I was able to handle my new body and sometimes seeing others in the nude.  Its funny, I think back to the 90’s when the naked people were all too popular in Northern California.  This woman walked into a restaurant with no shirt or bra and no shoes and demanded a burrito.  All the manager could say was “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service.”  Who would have thought?  I guess I have definitely come a long way since junior high when I did all that I could for no one to see anything when I dressed for gym.


Number 4

Join a sports team.  I realized once I got to college that actually getting into a shower or playing sports with at least 1 or 2 exhibitionist gets you used to your almost toned body and being around others.  I guess that you could join a sports team, sports club or something that has to do with going into a shower and seeing people just be free.  I always wondered why the older women in the gym seemed so free and some of my younger teammates.  I realized all it would take is getting used to all the parts that you see all the time in the shower, being mooned by a couple of friends and one too many pats on my rear end to just get myself out of my comfort zone and CHILL OUT.

Number 3

I have not actually done this but I hear attending a nude beach is liberating so to all those interested JUST DO IT and CHILL its the NEW YEAR!!!

Number 2 (one of my FAVORITES)

Take yourself to the spa.  Not to long ago I went to the spa (King Sauna).  Now this Korean Spa in Palisades, New Jersey aint no joke.  I prepared myself for a fun time with my friend and her aunts.  What I got was an experience that I would not give up for the world.  Now my buddy (Lodz aka Ezruhlie) is pretty much obsessed with spas of all kind – she is also the other half of the travelling womanists.  She invited me to the spa many times and I was finally able to go.  We drove through Koreatown in New Jersey just over the George Washington Bridge and entered heaven.  I got my beautiful pink uniform – promptly put it over my swimsuit and entered the hot and cold room.  It was then that I was met by a smallish woman with a bra and panty set on that directed me to – well this is my interpretation of what she said was “GET NAKIE OR DIE” (giggle – ok clearly that is not what she said but you get the gist.  I didn’t know what to do.  Was I supposed to get naked with my friends closest relatives? YES!!! Although it seemed like I couldn’t do it, I was liberated and began having conversations and partaking (yes, I said partaking) of the wonderful world of King Sauna.  I felt liberated, CHILL and happy.  Thanks to King Spa I accepted my new adult body for the second time in the not so recent future!!

Number 1 (my favoritest)

Now what do you say could be better than number 2?  Well this.  The NUMBER 1 thing to do to get yourself in touch with your body is in the inevitable words of my friend from Antigua is to SLAP SOME GLITTER ON IT.  Now out of context that could sound like many things but what this is – is the best mantra that money could buy.  Basically I think a great way to get into your own skin is to  go to a Carnivale festival and play mass.  I don’t care where you go, how you get there or how much you have to pay for that matter how much rum you have to drink.  There is something AMAZING about taking part in a festival where you basically dance in the street in a bikini (which i had never worn before this point).  You are surrounded by a blanket of love and ferocity.  You embrace (or at least I did) all body types young and old.   I felt free and able to express myself for more reasons.  I didn’t just come away with a wonderful story and grand love for Antigua and Barbuda, I came away with a love of my new adult body that only glitter, a little rum (wink wink) and some CHILLAXIN can do.  So I say this to one and all….


No matter how old or young you are.  Embrace your body.  You are beautiful!! You may or not be a traveling womanist but you can feel free to chill, embrace the team, relax and let the serenity take over and by all means don’t forget to SLAP SOME GLITTER ON IT!!

Peace B. Still



~ by travelling womanists on January 6, 2012.

8 Responses to “Slap Some Glitter On It: 5 ways to embrace your body!!!”

  1. Yeah girl, say it!

  2. Great blog Ogonnaya. I want to play mass in Trinidad one of these days. I am not completely at ease with the body of my 30s, so this article spoke to me. I will be slapping some glitter on it.

  3. […] how much I loved them when I traveled to Antigua and Barbuda a little over 2 years ago to visit (slap some glitter on it  & A SMALL PLACE).  I even remember ear hustling (some say overhearing) a group of folks at a […]

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