Guest Blog: Sun, Sand and a Sea Turtle

Authors Note:  This week we have Sharonda Williams guest blogging for us once again.  She is fearless in pursuing happiness, balance and her next great adventure.  Her previous blog posts include “Whip Your Hair” and “My Love Affair with Roma”  Hope you enjoy hearing about her adventures in the wonderful Central American Country of Costa Rica!!  Don’t be afraid to share your next great adventure with us too!! Enjoy.  ReFlectionary!!

This past November I traveled to Costa Rica with my boyfriend.  Like Lodz and Ogonnaya I am also a student of the School of Happy Black Women (Thanks Rosetta!).  As part of my ideal life plan I told myself I would travel internationally once a year.  The last time I left the country was 2009, so it was time for a trip!  I have never visited a country where the people were so joyous and friendly.  The day we arrived at Hotel Las Tortugas even the local howler monkey stopped by to say hello.  The locals would feed him when he came by the hotel.  We arrived on the lucky day he came by for his free meal.

What's for Dinner?

Costa Rica is paradise.  We spent most of our time walking the beaches and looking out to the water.  There were days where we would walk for miles and be the only two people on the beach.  We snorkeled on two occasions while in Costa Rica.  The first time we snorkeled was at Playa Carbon, a beach made up of black sand.

Paradise in Hand

The second time we snorkeled we visited Playa Real.  We saw a yellow Pufferfish, as bright as a school bus.  We also saw a school of tiny blue and yellow fish that flitted away when we came nearby.  Note that if my hair was still relaxed snorkeling would have possibly been a NO situation.  But since I am now rockin my natural do, a little water was no problemo.
The food in Costa Rica was delicious!  But my absolute favorite thing were the mango margaritas.  They used fresh lime juice from the lime trees grown at the hotel.  This was one of the many benefits of staying at a local hotel and not a Hilton franchise.
The last night we were there we saw a leatherback sea turtle struggle to lay her eggs on the beaches of Playa Grande.  This turtle had to weigh at least 800 pounds.  Heaving her body on this beach was no small feat.  This was her third attempt to lay her eggs at the same spot, but sand conditions prevented her from completing her task.  Watching this event was significant for so many reasons.  My freshman year of high school my marine biology teacher Mr. Rubinson told me a story about the plight of sea turtles.  He explained that when baby sea turtles hatched from their shells they would often confuse the lights of the beachfront hotels for the lights of the starry skies and walk in the wrong direction.  This story has defined my career path and my passion for wildlife.  Sixteen years later I stood on that beach at midnight in Costa Rica and it validated the choices I have made.  I looked at her strength and courage and it made me feel like I could do anything.  If she could swim for thousands of miles evading predators, and heave her large body onto an unyielding sand to lay her eggs, then I could do my part as a human being to help protect her and the rest of the wildlife we share this planet with.
The next day it was time to leave.  I had to put on a SHIRT!  I had worn a bikini top and cargo pants the entire time.  My skin burnt, my bikinis full of black sand and my mind still thinking about that amazing turtle, I bid Costa Rica hasta luego.



~ by travelling womanists on January 11, 2012.

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