Haiti, Ayiti, Two Years Later.

January 12th is forever etched in my heart.  Two years ago, the earthquake in Haiti took the lives of some dear friends and family members and (some reason that I leave to my Higher Power) actually “saved” my father’s life.  Over 150,000 people died this evening.  This year, I did not want to share all my feelings of the current situation, promises that haven’t been keep, diseases that I never thought would exist in Haiti or talk about this new expatriate “hot spot”. I wanted to share with you what others are writing about Haiti. I wanted to invite you into the New Normal in Haiti.

Travelling Womanists

Thoughts of Getting to Haiti, 2010

My New Reality, 2010

My Baptism in Haiti, 2010

Haiti, you are still on my Mind, 2010


I wanted to let you know, not everyone was impacted by this earthquake. Just take a look at this photo piece.

Bloggers Living in Haiti

Let Haiti Live

The Haitian Blogger

Ben and Lexi

Two years later, so much still does not make sense. My hope is that the people who need services, get access to these services and receive assistance that they so desperately need.

For the ones that we lost, we have not forgotten what happened two years ago, when the ground started to shake in Haiti. ~Erzuhlie



~ by travelling womanists on January 12, 2012.

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  1. Thanks for tellilng the rest of the story.

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