A Love Letter to Ms. Butler


I am a 30-year-old blogger, lover, activist, womanist, jokester and friend that hopes to be a 93-year-old blogger, lover, activist,womanist, feminist, jokester, storyteller and friend.  I am an introverted socializer that in the middle of the not so busy part of the busy city a pessimist (i say realist) if not careful, a feminist, a black, the grandchild of Baptists, an oil-and-water combination of ambition, laziness, insecurity, certainty, serenity and drive. I am in LOVE.

It only took me 18 years to fall in love again?  Only 18!!  It took me some time to deprogram myself in the city of New York and after many years of reading only the text for classes, work or something that usually was not enjoyable.  I fell in love with reading again on a subway car on my way to work.  I began thinking about how I had not truly enjoyed reading for sometime.  I set a goal (this is my new “thing” of trying to read at least 2 leisure books per 3 months, 1 scientific article for work every 2 weeks and the newspaper at least once a week.  Now for some that love to read they will probably not understand this at all.  For those that find joy in being transported to another place, time or dimension and read very quickly this may not ring true.  But for those that find it hard to read this page or that page, that find would rather stare into the air and avoid people’s stares on the train or listen to music this will speak to you.  I found reading hard and slow and just not something that really spoke to me in the way that some of my dear friends   explained to me.  I even remember reading a blog from a friend of mine about how much she enjoyed being transported to another place and wondered if as an almost card-carrying New Yorker (yeah i said it), I would be able to talk with ease about my newest adventure via an awe-inspiring and entertaining book.

Source: SandyOppenheimer.com

Well it finally happened.  I began to chat with my sister’s roommate about an author that was suggested to me by a few people over the past couple of months.  I am not sure if it is my love for feminism or womanism, my deep interest in science fiction, my desire to read things by women of color or my deep connection to authors that can describe things in painstaking detail in such a way that I can believe I am a melanin enriched vampire child.  All I know is that my sister’s roommates suggestion that we read a book together changed my life.  I took her recommendation and challenge to heart and happened to stop by a book store with another friend while waiting for our ride to the spa.  This chance encounter made me pick up two books: Power of the Sower and Lillith’s Brood.  I began first with Lillith’s Brood and this is where I not only fell in love but travelled to another dimension, another Earth, another world full of aliens, love, environmentalism, racism and so many other things.

I want to thank Ms. Butler because once again, I am taken back to the days when I would walk through my parents apartment reading Zeely thinking about what it must be like to come in contact with a representation of my past, present and future.  I am taken back to a place where my only care in the world was soccer, fun and traveling to a place that would only be possible through my imagination.  I want to thank Ms. Butler for creating a space where I can have a overanalytical conversation about the many layers of meaning of a oankali human partnership.   I want to thank Ms. Butler because now as a person committed to her budget and not spending as much on travel, I can still take a trip to places far far away.  I want to thank Ms. Butler for encouraging me to find my love again and find comfort in READING.

I want to thank Ms. Butler finally for writing this about herself which makes me chuckle but also spoke to my soul.

I am a fifty-three-year old writer who can remember being a ten-year-old writer and who expects someday to be an eighty-year-old writer.  I’m also comfortably asocial-a hermit in the middle of Seattle- a pessimist if Im not careful, a feminist, a black, a former Baptist, an oil-and-water combination of ambition, laziness, insecurity, certainty, and drive.

Source: ChristineMarieLarsen.com


~ by travelling womanists on January 20, 2012.

2 Responses to “A Love Letter to Ms. Butler”

  1. “Now that’s what I’m talking about”! yeah, it’s a cheezy quote from Will Smith’s terrible action flicks “Bad Boys”, but it is right on point.

    • thanks for reading mister newman!! clearly i have found my love for reading and i know that you are happy to hear about this. in fact, i just finished mind of my mind the other day…are you going to send me the rest of the patternist series? btw your reading corner misses you too!!

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