Chinatown Goodies!

I had big plans to volunteer on Martin Luther King, Jr day. Maybe I got lazy after hearing many people say, I need a day for me. Well, after a relaxing weekend, I decided to take a day for me. My partner and I decided instead of getting robbed in our neighborhood for rice paper (approximately $7.00, yep). Why not go three stops over and go to Chinatown?

In New York City, we tend to think of fake Louis Vuitton purses, fake Chinese food and really fake and cheesy tourist attractions. But, hold on, there are people who actually live in Chinatown and those people go to the grocery store.

Fake, Fake, Fake

We decided to go to the Chinese markets! I love deals and making really food, this seemed like no-brainer. As we started to go into small groceries, we seemed to forget one thing. We did not speak any Mandarin or Cantonese (might be helpful) and we were looking for ingredients that were technically, Japanese.  I was very confident that we would find  seaweed, kelp and dried shiitake mushrooms. While, these were the important items on the list, I could not pass up on noodles (since I am eating gluten-free now) and sales (sesame oil only $3.99).

Mushrooms and Bok Choy, Anyone?

We decided that we wanted a larger market. I thought, this makes sense, we should be able to find kelp in the larger markets. Well, we found sodium and MSG laced stock, which we were trying to avoid. And, I got pushed around a few times and someone felt like they were climbing my leg, that I had to stop a lady and say “what are you doing? You can’t just do that. And she looked at me and actually said ok, sorry.”

Well, here is what we eventually got. Look at these goodies and the savings. You are looking at about 10 worth of food. Maybe 15. we ended up buying about 20- 30 dollars worth and of course we made really good miso soup that lasted us for a few days! Thank you, Chinatown!

Just a few goodies!

Homemade dashi helps miso taste great!

So, now, you want to go to Chinatown and pick up a few ingredients for your next recipe? Tell me the neighborhoods that are great for picking up really good and affordable “ethnic” food.


~ by travelling womanists on January 23, 2012.

2 Responses to “Chinatown Goodies!”

  1. Great post! Seriously, homemade dashi for the win …

    To stick with the East Asia theme, there are also great markets in Korea Town ( 32nd St between Broadway & 5th Ave) and Flushing Queens down Main street! Don’t know the exact markets, but just go exploring in those general areas and you’ll definitely find something

  2. That’s going to be a long list.

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