Planning That “Quick”, Long weekend Get Away on a BUDGET!

Long weekends! For those of us that are stressed, have not taken a vacation, but promise to take a vacation, long weekends are a godsend. Until, you start planning them and possibly start planning a bit late.

Presidents’ Day weekend is about a week away from us. For those that were on the ball, they already know where they are going. For someone like me, well I told my partner, “I really need a vacation and since we are not going out of the country, get me out of New York”.  Well, work and family happened. Now, here we are a week before my time to relax and the details are not fleshed out.

So, let’s do this step by step:

1. Where do you want to go? Try something within an eight-hour radius of where you live. Look for deals and start planning from there.

2. Are you a credit card user? I thought you might be. If you are on a rewards programs, check out if car rentals, airplane tickets or hotels rooms are able to be redeemed. You already spent the money, use the points if you can.

3. Transportation. Don’t sweat it!  It all depends how you want to travel. The bus from New York to Washington, D.C. is quick and sometimes anywhere from $1 to $25 roundtrip. It doesn’t get much better than that!  Trains, do have their advantages, but so far have yet to offer the coach bus deals. Renting a car, comes down to getting good online deals or being part of a rewards program or mailing list.  Going with a site in your town has more perks than picking up from your airport. Airport locations, tend to be more expensive (to make up for the additional airport fees).

4. Reservations?  Play the system! Yes, I said it. Generally, you are not charged for making a reservation. So, book ahead and check to see if you can get cheaper prices on hotels and cars.

5. What to DO? Check to know the city. Eat, (eat, and eat; I love to eat) take pictures, see if any annual events are taking place, sleep in, read a few pages in the book and work out to get a sense of what people do wherever you are going.  Going away does not have to be expensive. Food, attractions and catching up with friends can easily be done for under $40 dollars a day! (Don’t believe me, let me share receipts when I get back from wherever I go).

6. Are you planning  your long weekend, trip? Let us know where you are going and what secret(s) you have learned along the way to save money 🙂


~ by travelling womanists on February 9, 2012.

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