I Love Pittsburgh!

I can not believe I am crushing on the ‘Burgh. I went to school here for undergraduate studies and his place really was the “pitts” for me. I could not wait to leave the place. I was the New Yorker, that could not wrap my head around a city stuck in the mountains, that was so unbearably cold and just seemed to be a boring city. Fast forward 11 years. I am a little bit older, mature and wiser (I hope) and this city was just amazing and one of the most livable!

For the next few posts, I want to share with you about my time in Pittsburgh. However, I love lists! So, I had to create a list of what I found out that I love in the ‘Burgh!

1. Pittsburgh is a beautiful city. Hands down, on a beautiful day, this place  offers so many parks and trails and the opportunity to lose yourself in a city, becomes possible.

Scheneley Park

2. Where are the overweight people? Seriously, the culture is pretty healthy. Yes, I saw some people that could stand to lose some weight and some obese people.  However, it is pretty clear this is a healthy city.  I remember when I was a runner, I loved, ooops, I mean hated this hilly city.  As I drove around town, so many people were exercising!

3. University of Pittsburgh is winning! Hmmm, can you tell where I went for undergrad. Yes, I am a Panther.  A Panther that needed to go around the world to realize how much I appreciated the education and connections from going to this particular institution.  I remember coming to the ‘Burgh to visit over 12 years ago and while I thought it was nice, if I were a 17 year old girl again, there is no doubt in my mind, I might have applied early decision to Pitt.

4. Why is there a war between Pamela’s and Deluca’s? No, really! For those of you that do not know, these are two breakfast places in the ‘Burgh. The obvious winner is PAMELA’s. No, ifs, and or buts. Now, please remember what I said about point 2. The lines are around the block for both these institutions. Only one of them warranted that wait in my opinion. Pamela’s, crispy and amazing hot cakes are enough to make you want to go there a few times a week, okay, maybe a few times a month. The take away: if you come to the ‘Burgh, please go to Pamela’s  you will thank me.

5. Pittsburgh does have good food! Maybe, because I have a job and steady income, I can go  and enjoy the food in Pittsburgh. I love food and this city does not disappoint. For some of you that know, I am a vegetarian (well, most of the time). I went to Meat and Potatoes and had some of their meat and I do not regret it! So, great food and really awesome beer can be found in this city. Sounds, heavenly already!

6. Culture. Ahh, the years of having the magical student I.D., how I wish I had them, as I paid full price to enter certain museums.  Museums and galleries are not short in Pittsburgh. As a matter of fact, I do remember Kuntu Repertory Theater always having amazing shows. One of the highlights of this weekend was being able to view the  Teenie Harris exhibit.  I am so happy to see that this story is considered American history and not African American history.

Teenie Harris

8. Last, but not least, Friends! To come back and see a couple of women that I hung out with more that 10 years ago, was great. Moreover, it was great to see women with their partners who stayed and committed to the Burgh. They both still work in the city and love their city. I was so happy that I could sit down for dinner and laugh and think about the good times that I actually had in the city.

9. Fallingwater. I really do appreciate the fact that my partner is an artist. I heard about Fallingwater, but did not let my student I.D. take me here. Last weekend, I had the opportunity to see the beauty of what an architect can bring into reality. This vacation home, is just an example of how we can actually coexist with the environment. (Believe it or not, it is possible!).


Now, here is what you can expect. I am going to share a few more posts about this city and a few experiences that took place over a long weekend. Can’t wait to share with you. How about you, forward this post to your friends or family members that know about the ‘Burgh.  What is your favorite part of Pittsburgh?


~ by travelling womanists on February 20, 2012.

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