My little piece of the ‘Burgh.

Yes, I am crushing on Pittsburgh. It only took about 12 years, for me to finally love Pittsburgh. I  never thought this day would happen, but I need you to understand, a few critical milestones took place for me in Pittsburgh. I am not just talking about “O” fries, Primantis and learn some Pittsburghese. After spending a few days in Pittsburgh, I thought about the Pittsburgh that I did not know. We did do a lot in just a number of days.  And I wanted to share that beauty with you.


The Cathedral of Learning. The classes, conversations, people who I interacted with in this building start to enter my mind. Yet, when I think about this trip, I think about the curiosity that I brought as I entered and left this building.  To date, this is the highest institution of learning in the United States.

The Cathedral of Learning


Off to see the World, well Pittsburgh, according to Teenie Harris. This exhibit was amazing and I do recommend that you all catch it, since it will be on the road in the a few months. I think Teenie was able to capture the beauty of Black people in a time that history, all too often does not reflect. I was so happy to see this part of history and finding out a bit more of what his family went through to protect and share his work. The next two photos are photos of Teenie Harris, that are currently on exhibit at the Carnegie Museum.


The World Through the Eyes of Teenie




This Lady


I remember when I was in college, I really appreciated Andy Warhol.  Yet, this visit to his museum, made me wonder and reflect more about how he saw the world. There were a few things that I did not remember about Warhol. I always found his use of color refreshing and inspiring. Yet, as I left the museum, I wondered “how much do I appreciate Warhol?”.

How Much Do I Love Warhol?



I finally went to Fallingwater. I have to stay the weather was great for the winter and I wish I had a home or place to go to when the city just gets to be a little too much. As I get older, one thing that I realize is I really do appreciate the tranquility and beauty of rural settings.




During our Hike at Fallingwater


Now folks. I want to make something very clear. I fell in love with Football in Pittsburgh. If you know Pittsburgh, that means, I fell hard for the STEELERS! And, here everyone, loves the Steelers.


I think the Signs SAY IT ALL!


I wanted to leave you with something sweet. I think the Enrico Biscotti Company was nothing but all good. I love biscotti, with a nice cup of coffee. It was the prefect snack to have during our walks visiting this city. Do stop in a if you buy five, the sixth one is free!


These Biscotti were worth the trip!






















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