The BUCK(it) List

Let me try this again.  This is the second time I am trying to post this.  Am I getting old, or is technology just running away from me?  It wasn’t too long ago that my dear friend suggested that myself and another friend join her in making a BUCK(it) list.  Initially I thought that this was not going to be the best exercise but quickly realized (thanks to my group of friends that I call THE FACILITATORS) that I would respect her process and join in the fun.  Ironically, I loved loved loved the process and have used this to guide my journey through self exploration as I move into the age of adulthood (the 30’s of course).  As my birthday approaches and I finalize my goals for my year themed around commitment I realized it might be nice for me to share my BUCK(it) list.  Hopefully this will get me one step closer (since it is officially almost a third of the way into 2012) to frame my travel and other goals for the year.  Hope you enjoy!!

  1. Maintain a practical routine of exercise and healthy lifestyle choices
    1. Take an African dance class and enroll in this course for at least a month and attend the classes regularly.
    2. Participate in at least one athletic event that is “out of my comfort zone” per year for 10 consecutive years.  This can include but is not limited to: an athletic league, a half marathon, a triathlon, a swimming event or another event.
  2. Learn to Scuba Dive
  3. Financial Independence and Personal Wealth
    1. Creation of a sound financial plan that will allow me to become financially independent and assist my family in becoming financially stable  i.     This includes complete repayment of my school loans  ii.     Owning a house or property that I only pay taxes on.  This should occur within 20 years of purchasing the property or residence   iii.    Creation of accounts to pay for the college education of my goddaughter.
  1. Creation of a plan to open, sustainably operate and implement projects and programs through the Ethel Dotson Community Center.
    1. This will include a space to either run a non-profit that funds and builds capacity of communities of color to work for health sustainable communities and environments.
    2. The development of a scholarship fund and mentoring program to support students of color in science.
    3. This will include the offices of a non-profit either started by myself or a non-profit that I run as the executive director that works on environmental justice issues and works to create and sustain networks of opportunity for people working on EJ issues.  This will also include an opportunity to build capacity of youth and young leadership development.
  2. Travel to at least every all seven continents at least once.
  3. Love myself unconditionally.
  4. Stop procrastinating
  5.  Write and publish a book.
  6. Take a speed reading course and begin to read at least one book per month.
  7. Learn and speak fluently at least 3 other languages besides English.
  8. Get out of my comfort zone and learn to not hide behind my insecurities.
  9. Cut my hair and wear a bald head for at least 6 months
  10. Write a grant that is successfully funded.
  11. Get a doctorate degree in something that I love and make sure that the program is funded.
  12. Smile more often.
  13. Meet someone that I admire.
  14. Throw my mother a really big party.
  15. Help a person that I love achieve their dreams.
  16. Send my father to Africa.
  17. Start a business that will allow me to work on all the things I love while generating revenue that will pay my bills.
  18. Learn to suck my teeth.
  19. Become an artist. Do something artistic.
    1. Have a show where I showcase some of my photography and use the opportunity to raise money at least 10,000 for a cause that I really care about.
    2. Write and perform a poem for at least a small group of people
    3. Make collages and work with my mother to sale our art together in a venue.
    4.  Sew something that I can wear.
    5. Make a quilt.
    6. Learn to knit.
  20. Find a couple of mentors.
  21. Mentor someone.
  22. Do my own taxes.

Let me know what is on your BUCK(it) list!!!


Peace B. Still,



~ by travelling womanists on March 2, 2012.

4 Responses to “The BUCK(it) List”

  1. I really really like this blog post, O.

    – the girl who rocks the ribbed tights

  2. as Curtis Mayfield said ” Keep on Pushin”! A Shay, Princess Ifetaya.

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