The right to tell your own story

Since Thursday, people have been asking my thoughts on “the” Kony video. At work, I saw snippets of an interview with Jason Russell and I thought, hmm, is this another Westerner coming to save “Africa”?  As I thought about what exactly I wanted to share with you today, my cousin (who is on spring break, asked my thoughts on Kony) questioned whether the whole Kony “video” was real or not.

I do not doubt the impact that the L.R.A. or Joseph Kony, have had on the people of Uganda, Southern Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Central African Republic. I do wonder if in the sharing of videos, that Ugandan voices will not be heard.

I thought the importance of this video and the work that is contributed on this blog, is that  we must share our stories. The stories of  Black Women around the world.  We must be the directors, editors, actors and the writers of these stories. As I listened to her video, I thought she gets it!


~ by travelling womanists on March 12, 2012.

One Response to “The right to tell your own story”

  1. Hey lady! I came to this post too late and the video is not available. Wanna provide your readers with a gist?

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