What’s On MY Mind? Trayvon Martin!

Hey peeps! Hope this week has been treating you well. Lately, the last few weeks seems to be something like this for me.

Wake up-noise-noise-noise-trayvon martin-attack on my ovaries-travyon martin-noise-death of Muslim woman in San Diego-more noise (noise=my 9 to 5)

I realized that I did not know how angry, sad, and frustrated that I had become about this situation. I did not know what angle to post on or from. What should I be sharing, and what was just repetitive. This morning, I just wanted to take time to share with you, my Trayvon Martins. They inspire me, they make me laugh and just when I thought I was going to share some magic with them, they share with me. Who are my Trayvon Martins? They are my brothers, cousins, nephews and father.

I wanted to put together just a few photos of Black Men and Boys that others might call suspicious, but in my heart, they are just my family. Today, I choose to send photos of the Black Men in my life. The men that make me laugh, cry, kick my behind in Just Dance 3 and help me to take a minute to relax and smile and remember that their lives are special.

I invite you and your loved ones to share and let us know who are your Travyon Martins?

Kembe Fem


Is that little Wiz Khalifa? Yep, he is suspicious.

Is that little Wiz Khalifa? Yep, he is suspicious.



My chunky love :)

My chunky love 🙂



The Kid is All Grown Up


We all want to teach Trayvon something 🙂


~ by travelling womanists on March 29, 2012.

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