Boston, Boston, Boston, I really want to like you…


The day came and I felt like I was actually making good time for once in my adult life.  Although faced with the need to “get my life right,” and finally start to get to places ON TIME.  I tried to promptly get myself packed after my oh so fun field trip to the Newtown Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant.  I packed up all my little things for a whole long week in Boston and tried to quickly get myself to the train.  Unfortunately, pushing my roller suitcase through the turnstile in a quick fashion to ensure that I made my train did not happen.  As a result I missed yet another form of transportation on another trip which impacted more than just me and my pocketbook.  Fortunately, my travel companion was all to patient and wonderful.  We took the time to catch up over dinner at the wonderful Starlight Dinner in midtown Manhattan.  This little gem of a diner was full of flavor and a pleasant surprise that I often avoid (given the number of wandering tourists in the area).   Finally after some great conversation and delicious food, we set out on the old railroad to begin our longer than expected ride to Boston.  I instantly fell asleep and was reassured by my travel companion that I would not need to muster any courage at all when getting to Boston because we would arrive too late to go out out out and about.  That was fine with me because I realize that at my ripe old age of 31, I am many times too tired to combine a travel day and going out day all into one.  After getting to the lovely community of Somerville, we slowly walked ourselves to my friend’s apartment and quickly fell asleep.   What was in store was little more than a wonderful adventure that in the end left me happy yet peculiarly satisfied with my Boston experience.


[As a sidenote, I should say that I am still not the biggest fan of the city but I did leave with an appreciation for New England Style/Swag, a belly full of desserts and brunch that left nothing to be desired and some music in my soul that almost didn’t happen.]

After a much-needed rest, we began our Sunday morning with some lovely yoga that made my spirit sing.  I wish I could remember the name of the place but my Downward Facing Dog almost fit in.  After a wonderful bit of exercise in the distinguished neighborhood surrounding Harvard (surprisingly, I didn’t feel like I got smarter by being in the area). We went one of the best brunches that I have ever had.  YUP…after further contemplation, I realized that this brunch was banging!!! I didn’t even mind waiting in the unheated line.  This is probably because I was stuffing my face with pastries and giggling with my fellow folks that were too pissed about their friends holding up their seats at a warm toasty table.  Another reason why this brunch was BANGING is because of the Serve yourself all you can drink coffee, tea and whatever bar.  This was full of happiness.  I would definitely recommend finding your way to Sound Bites  next time you even think about visiting Boston.  Slowly trudging back to my friend’s place, we showered and prepared ourselves for some SERIOUS relaxation until what?  Yup until we got hungry again.  Then we headed over to get some almost serious BBQ that was accompanied by some serious CORN PUDDING and got all the fixins for the Mad Men Cocktails that we planned to dranky drank in the evening.  Let me just say that The Pink Squirel (although made by a very talented mixologist (wink wink)) was a little to sweet and pink for me.  The Tom Collins on the other hand left me oh so happy, even though Mad Men left much to be desired.  I will say that although the episode was just ok, the conversation of my companions was well worth it.    This day was so packed full of fun, excitement and exploration all within no more than what seemed to be a 10 by 10 block radius.  I guess writing this down is helping me to understand my that my love for B Town may be deeper than I could have ever expected.

Day 2.5

Given the fact that I am somewhat committed to banishing my belly I let my buddy know that I was with her 100 percent in going for a run but if I ended up passing out on the trail she should go on without me and I would meet her back at her place.  We set out on a wonderful trail that connects a couple of different parts of Boston.  We passed through what my friend called the “Republic of Cambridge,” started out in Somerville and went to Arlington.  At this point in time, I can not remember the sequence in which we went through these places but I was able to learn lots as well as hear wonderful stories from my friend about her childhood growing up and exploring Boston as a child, teenager and young adult.  This run was also a bit of an environmental exploration as we passed a redeveloped brownfield, bus depot, what appeared to be a conservation area and a T-stop.  As we slowly moved toward my friends home, I was satisfied to go to my dinner meeting for work and then meet up for a wonderful night of music by Nneka.  Fortunately between my grand plan to have fun, there was work to be done.  This work was done at a lovely hotel with a bathtub that was ridiculously nice.  I went to my dinner and promptly headed to a cute little club called TT The Bear.  Unfortunately, I had NO ID (left it in the hotel).  Luckily Boston is super small and I was able to get to my hotel and back in about 45 minutes.  After returning with my ID, I was suddenly struck with the idea that I am too old to be smashed up next to obnoxious drunk people while trying to hear an artist that is clearly toured to the point of exhaustion.  After finding a nice spot by the bar, I enjoyed the show and admired the rich vocals that poured out of the tiny framed Nneka.  The last couple of songs and encore were wonderful as I sipped my beer, chatted with my friend and her lovely friends and finally had some space to breathe.  I promptly went back to my hotel and prepared for my work time ahead.



~ by travelling womanists on May 22, 2012.

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