10 Days to a 10 K – A Travelling Womanist’s Quest for Wellness

Wellness on the GO GO!

Running makes me say hmmmm!!!  Not Ohmmmm but hmmmmmm!

I remember the song by C & C Music Factory that blasted through the airwaves in the 90’s. In fact for your viewing pleasure I have included the video in this post below.   Owl I’m sure that all 15 of my lovely friends and family that will be reading the post are saying “what does this actually gave to do with traveling womanist?”. I say it has everything to do with it. A little under 10 years my fellow travelling womanist and my “same same no different” friend both talked me into training for the LA marathon. This is a story in itself but I don’t want to get too off track ;).

As we began to train I learned something about running that I usually didn’t notice. This is partially because my loathing of running (like running just because not toward a ball goal or anything) seemed completely cray cray to me. After a couple of weeks of grouchy groggy headphone-less training I realized two things: 1. Running wasn’t so bad and it was kind of soothing once you got a good rhythm and spent time to smell the pungent slightly cleaner air that is only characteristic of the inland empire; 2. Running cleared my head. Not in the way that I have heard most people describe where they think about nothing at all or everything just melted away. My head became clear. I was able to find clarity in whatever I was going through at that point in time. Literally I have figured out so many answers to the questions that riddle my life. All because of the running.

As I wind down my training which I have casually named my 10 days to a 10 k challenge. I realized that this same feeling that I had not so long ago has returned. While on a longish run over the weekend I discovered another amazing street in a random part of my favorite boro – Brooklyn. TO stumbled upon an amazing mosaic (pardon the blurry photo taken by my tired trembling hands).


Just this morning I was taken back to the time I fell in like (love is a but too strong of a word) with running.

On marathon day back on 2005 I began to jog my last 0.2 miles after completing 26 miles. The end of the marathon was up a hill and many people launched into a sprint only to begin walking due to exhaustion. I wanted to cross the finish line while jogging but found that I was about to start walking as well. Just as I was giving up hope the most fabulous Queen screamed at me:

“You Betta Go Girl You Betta Go!”

This single phrase brought a smile to my face, encouraged me to keep jogging and left a lasting impression on me. I could not have finished without it.

This morning (a couple of days ago) as I jogged up a not so serious hill I again wanted to quit and either get on the bus or walk the rest of the way home. As I slowly trudged forward I passed a woman on her way to work. As I passed her she smiled at me and said:

“You Go Girl!”

Ahhhh like! Running, I like you a lot!!!!

P.S. – In a couple of weeks my friend and I will run through Bed Stuy.  Join US!!


~ by travelling womanists on June 29, 2012.

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