Aries birthdays are meant for fun right? Off course!!  As my roomie and I began to talk about a coordinated celebration of birthdays we realized we had yet another thing in common. The desire to jump out of a plane at 14,000 feet above the earth.  We decided to trust our lives in the hands of a trained professional and take our hard-earned cash to upstate New York.   The day arrived with much fanfare or should I say rain. In the labs of skydiving this is Not The Bees Knees!!!

So we called and asked about conditions in the far away land of upstate New York and got the nod from the staff at sky dive the ranch. We set out on our 2 hour trek and watched the sky to ensure that we were still going to jump.  As the caravan(me, myself and 4 of my friends plus a sister) drove and drove and drove and drove until we finally got to an open field with little specks falling from the sky.

We had arrived!!  As we moved toward the space I realized one thing. The person that was going to be attached to my back turned out to be one of the most zany people I have ever met. His name was Batman. He was determined to turn me into a professional skydiver over night.  I signed my life away, put on my fabulous jumpsuit and A smile.


Batman and ME

Ironically I had no idea how this was freaking my sister out or that I was participating in just one more experience that would support my lifestyle as an ambassador of post blackness. After a couple of “practice jumps” we get our equipment or goggles and headed to the tarmac.  Ironically I felt completely calm and pretty excited about my decision to fly.   Then our plane took off…



As a crosswind hits he tiny plane at no more than a couple hundred feet I begin thinking, wtf have I gotten myself into. I am at a loss for words and my nervous giggles start to flow freely. It also doesn’t help that Batman is whispering sweet foolishness about my jump into my ear. Why couldn’t he be like my friend’s instructors who basically informed them that they would take care of anything.  We continue to fly higher and higher and higher and higher and then I see my friend fly out the plane in a split second.



It’s my turn!  I waddle with my instructor to my back and look out below. Before I even have a chance to think I’m flying!!! Yup, I said it. I was flying. Although my face doesn’t support the next statement it’s absolutely true.  I’m falling faster than I like to think about and I feel free, calm and SERENE. I have never felt more at peace in my life. I never thought I could float through the sky experiencing bliss. This experience was a different type of peacefulness that I can not explain. The world looked beautiful below me. My heart seemed to not even be necessary. My brain was free and my lungs full of air as I screamed my a$$ off. My eyes full of tears given the fact that I was falling at approximately 120 mph. All of his happened and I felt amazing. 


Then I pulled the cord…

As we moved toward the ground with parachute supporting us, I  was thankful for the opportunity to be a flying womanists ;).

Peace B. Still




~ by travelling womanists on July 6, 2012.

2 Responses to “The DIVE”

  1. What a fabulous adventure and photos to accompany it. Belated birthday wishes!

    • Zaftig Diva!! Thanks so much for the belated birthday wishes!!! I think its never too late or early to start or begin celebrating your birthday. Are you planning to any adventures as summer comes to an end.

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