Quit Your Job and Reconnect, Part 2

Sorry for the delay. I do not have any pictures due to some technical difficulties. I was trying to fix the situation and that is why there is a delay in my post.

On to the rest of the few days off.  In case you do not know what lead me to this moment, check out part one.

After so much time in the city, it was time to reconnect with the family! A Haitian family BBQ, which means, tons of men talking politics and coming up with their plans for Haiti.  All the women were reconnecting, serving food and entertaining at their best. Of course, I was showing off my American side; I came with our dog (he is featured in part 1).  In case you did not know, Haitians are not exactly dog lovers. I would not say they hate dogs, but in dog lovers.

After a night with my family, we had a lazy Sunday. Brunch with our good friends in a place they had never tried. I would recommend, Cheryl’s Global Soul. And, after our amazing brunch, we went for a bike ride in Prospect Park and just chilled out the rest of the day.

During this ride, I knew that I was loving exactly where I was. Okay and thankful with everything. Okay with the fact that I quit my job! Okay with my body and the extra weight it bearing. Okay with my family and friends and looking forward to reconnecting with everyone, since I have been in a hole (called my old dysfunctional job).  Life was good and okay.

On our last day of our reconnect time, we hit the Beach! Not just your hipster beach, or your typical New York beach, we drove out to Fire Island! For those of you that know a bit about Fire Island, are you thinking:

1. Isn’t it a major gay party scene? Yes, but I guess not where we went.

2. Isn’t it supposed to be really pet friendly? Well, the one beach we went to was dog friendly.

3. You drove there? Yes, and honestly all the places where you probably want to go you can only access via ferry.

I still suggest getting in a car, hitting a bit of traffic and relaxing on the beach.  I usually hate swimming in water bordering New York. And, even though, I did not dive in. The water was so refreshing that I decided to get all my legs wet (it really did help that the water wasn’t green).

After my mid afternoon nap in the sun (yawn!), reading a few chapters and walking the dog up and down the beach.  It was time to go home. Now, I usually love to snap photos for everything. Well, my partner asked if we could get out the other side of where we were, I begrudgingly said “sure”. Best boardwalk ever.  We saw once of these just a few feet away from us. And, while I did not have my camera the mental image and memory was amazing.

Buck with Fuzzy Antlers


A buck with fuzzy antlers! And there were at least two that we saw.  I didn’t need my camera to remember bucks with fuzzy antlers, that were relaxing and looking back at me without a care.  Since our 15 minute parking time limit was coming to an end we had to get back to the car, before getting a parking ticket.

And while we drove back to Brooklyn, traffic and all the other annoying things came back, even the rain. But, after a few days of reconnecting to all the important stuff, it was appreciated (well, not the traffic).

What did I learn after reconnecting? I promise to never let my job control me! And, I promise to really keep that promise. So, while you might not quit your job, just reconnect with whatever is important to you. You won’t be sorry.


~ by travelling womanists on August 7, 2012.

2 Responses to “Quit Your Job and Reconnect, Part 2”

  1. Sounds like a wonderful experience. Bravo! and all the best!!!

  2. Looks like it was a White-tailed Deer. Cool 🙂

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