Confessions of a “Train Arts & Entertainment” Connoisseur

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Commuting in NYC takes up a significant portion of your time when you live over an hour a way from the neighborhood that you work in.  I often find myself providing clarification around how and why I am completely ok living in a neighborhood that takes me over an hour to get to from my place of residence.  I have become increasing contemplative and well read because of this simple fact.  Well, I am not entirely sure that I am well read but I have managed to increase my consumption of wonderful books that take me to a million wonderful places.  This post is all about another part of the experience that I like to call the cultural immersion of riding the NYC subway.    Here is a short list of a couple of my favorites that I have seen so far…

Jazzy Mosaic




1. Brina from the Virgin Islands on the 2 train to 242 st
Ironically when this woman got on the train, I began to look at her because I could just tell that something was up.  She had on a semi strange outfit and seemed anxious.  Well I was right about one thing, she was anxious/nervous.  I am happy to say that she sang an AMAZING RENDITION of a Janelle Monae song that of course I cant remember the title too.  All I know is I tried to find her on sound cloud but could not.  A guy even took a video.  She was awesome and I hope to see her again.  You should look for her too.




2. Old men singing Motown soul hits on the 2 & 5 train going toward Flatbush avenue
I first saw this group of men on the 6 train.  I assume that there are a couple of groups but I also started to notice that for a couple of the groups there is a rotating line up.  I am not sure why this is but I love it.  I love their sweet voices and the fact that they look like my father.  They always have their heads held high.




3. Michael Jackson on the D train to Coney Island.
Everybody loves MJ!!  Its true and it was amazing to see this man work it.  He literally had a Jheri Curl, sparkly glove (i think) and a military inspired jacket to top it all off.  He moonwalked his way into everyone’s heart on that train.  He must make some dinero because I have never seen a response like that on any train.  Get it MJ…the second coming via the NYC subway system!!

4. Jazz saxophone at the A train portion of the Fulton stop.
Now I usually troll the streets of NYC with a signature scowl (the “ogo stank eye” is its trademarked name) lost in my own thoughts.  As I moved slowly in a groggy bliss of grouchiness and sweat wondering why the train station was so damn hott, I was transported somewhere else.  I was transported to a not so hot, sweaty train platform where I could smile as I heard the sweet smooth jazz notes of a young CUTE saxophonist playing “Lost Without You” by Robin Thicke. Thank goodness for this saxophonist, I was able to SEE all day long!!




5. Any dancing kids (sometimes)!
I have not seen too many dancing kids as of late on the train.  However, the other day, I was totally impressed by two brothers who seemed to be showcasing their talents for the 2016 Olympics.  I mean if you can do back flips, a crab walk break dance move, balance yourself on a poll horizontally while a poorly driven A train rumbles quickly between 125th street and 59th you DESERVE a gold medal.  As I put my contribution into the hand of the younger brother, I was forced to think about the differences between the haves and have-nots and what it would look like for these kids to have access to gymnastics and training to possibly be Olympians.  But I do not want to digress.  I enjoyed their performance very much and hope to see more of them on the train.  I also hope to see the “other dancing kids too.”  Ironically I also kinda miss the semi-sexy man that used to dance on the ceiling of the green line train.  Cutie break dance where are you?



Now lots of dancing kids some good some not so good but they all know it’s show tim


Check this Music Under New York (MUNY) link to follow a particular artist.



Who is your favorite and what train line do the ride on?


Peace B. Still,







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One Response to “Confessions of a “Train Arts & Entertainment” Connoisseur”

  1. Your subways clearly provide more colour and entertainment than the trains commuting in and out of London!

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