City as My Gallery Pt 2

a Simple FACT


Me Against the WORLD


As I returned from my morning run, listened to the radio, read through random foolery on Facebook, checked my OKcupid profile and drank my green smoothie (whoo, my mornings are getting more and more productive on this cleanse), I realized how much I appreciate the all the boroughs of NYC and their wonderful art.  This is the second installment of art that I have collected in my memory and on the interweb.  Some are from my wonderful bike trip with friends to 5Pointz and others are from my random wanderings while running, jumping, walking or even eating my way through a new neighborhood or favorite borough.  Hope that you enjoy these pics.  Feel free to share some of your favorite Gallery Pieces with us.

Love on Da Streets



How do you really feel?


Kinda Blue


saints of east harlem


Bikers go Hard







~ by travelling womanists on September 27, 2012.

One Response to “City as My Gallery Pt 2”

  1. This was beautiful! Maybe I’ll see it when I come again.


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