My Return back to Haiti

I landed in Port- au-Prince and amid the claps of thank you for the pilot and somewhat, warm airline staff, tears started to come down my face. I quickly wiped the warm and salty water and just wanted to think about  my return to Haiti.  I did not  realize how long it had been since I started thinking about my last trip.

As I walked out of the plane, I realized that I had not been in Haiti, during a critical time of rebuilding efforts. . I looked at everything and was trying to take in EVERYTHING!   The new airport, that for some, who make frequent trips to Haiti, is close to completion. For me, it was the reality of one of the many actions items to work on after the earthquake was close to being realized.

The driver that picked me up, realized that I was looking at everything and at one point slowed down to show me all the new buildings that I had not remembered. I looked over and asked “new buildings, well, what do they do inside these buildings?”; he laughed and said he had no idea.

A few days later walking in Petionville, my former neighborhood,   I got  news that made my legs fall underneath me. I was known for working with one street kid in particular, Jackson.  Sunday night, as I was returning to my hotel room, I heard, “Madame Loodzy”. I recognized the voice, it was not Jackson  it was one of his friends.   And, while I knew this kid, for some reason, I never trusted him. I greeted him, exchanged small talk  and I asked about Jackson. Other kids, started to kids run towards me and they told me Jackson had died.  The kid that I never trusted told me that it was true. It was a little “too late” for me to be outside and it was only because of the darkness that didn’t allow those boys to see the tears coming down my face.

I told him that we would talk again, but I needed to know what happened to Jackson. I have returned back to                         Port -au- Prince, and when I think of Jackson, I think about a kid that needed a chance.  The earthquake, violence, and poverty did not kill him. I hope that before I return to the states, I can find out what happened to Jackson?

If you take a look at this video, Jackson, is the first still photo that appears.


~ by travelling womanists on October 23, 2012.

One Response to “My Return back to Haiti”

  1. heeey! Ayiti on the brain here as welI
    It’s been 10 years since I encountered Ayiti and her beautiful people, but the memories are forever etched on my brain and heart.
    I hope the trip is all you need it to be for you.
    this post might be encouraging for the journey:

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