This Girl is ON FIRE!

Good Morning!

Hope all is well. I will share my amazing adventures from Haiti next week, but before I could get to that I had to share  and possibly remind you to remember that you are a “girl on fire”.  I came back from Haiti, inspired after listening to the amazing stories of young girls and mothers. After an amazing and grounding conversation that included  much laughter, I realized that I had essentially started my end of year check in. My friend looked at me and repeated how I was in this great place and that they were happy that I was believing and implementing my “agency”. I asked them what they were talking about because I was not familiar with the context of this word and the short story was the capacity for human beings to make choices and to impose those choices on the world. Hmm, but they said it more like, the confidence and belief to make choices and have control over your life (or maybe that is what I remember).

For the last few weeks, I have been thinking about some of the highlights of my trip to Haiti, reflecting on the last year and it is so clear that my life is one that is filled with happiness and purpose.  Maybe it is the age that is  kicking in, the fact that I go to church or the fact that I quit a CRAZY A!@ job and found a place a number of people have described as their “dream place to work”. This year started out unmanageable and with the constant feeling that I could not get off the hamster cycle.

What the ???????????

Then something happened. I had enough. Enough of feeling out of control, unhappy, and biting my tongue and hiding my voice. I had enough and from that moment, happiness has been at my side. Now my life isn’t perfect and that is really okay. But, I feel like there is a spark, zest, joy or whatever you want to call it, that I want everyone to feel.  And, why wait to feel this way tomorrow, or when everything is perfect or when you lose that last 10 (or whatever) pounds?  Why not be happy today and right now?

I saw this video and initially didn’t like this song, but then I saw this  interview and when I was walking away from my meeting this song kept on replaying in my head.

So today, tell yourself or a friend or someone who is a Girl (or Person) on Fire.



~ by travelling womanists on November 13, 2012.

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