Thankful in 2012!

So, it is the most “wonderful time of the year” for some. I really dislike Christmas and the only reason that I bring that up is that the companies have succeeded in promoting Christmas before Thanksgiving. I know, I know, Christmas, has been coming earlier, but I hate thinking about Christmas in October!

Despite big companies subliminal messages of what I need the day after I am thankful, or a few hours after spending time with my family and friends. I realized this year, more than any I had so much to be thankful for and the list begins (drumroll, please):

1. I can love who I want to. Now, ordinarily  people (well, in the current state of America) think about same sex marriage.  I am a Black Woman and my boyfriend is white.  Yes, the interracial couple. Well, not that long ago, couples were fighting against the law. In 1967, Loving v Virgina was a landmark case for so many people! And, while I might not think of them everyday. I am grateful for all the couples  that came before me and fought for me. So, when I heard this song I thought not about my “choice” to be with this person, but more about my right to love who I want to love.

2. My loving family and friends. Where would I be without my Haitian clan? The days I was sick, needed a ride, or needed some good food (Black Rice) my family eagerly sent their love and support. Whenever, I need a laugh, prayers, clothes, recipes, a pep talk, my family is there. They are there to provide support, love, and be my toughest critic.  I really do not think I could ask for a smarter, kinder, more funny group to have as friends.  I am in really good company.

3.  Life Post Sandy. I am thankful for food, shelter, heat and water. I came back from Haiti and whenever I come back from Haiti, everything makes sense and comes into focus for me. This year Hurricane Sandy said hi to me in Haiti and when I came back to New York, well, you know what happened to New York and New Jersey.  tomorrow, we are all gathering at my Aunts’  home which  suffered some damage due to Sandy. Yet,  she is grateful for all that came to her this year we will gather in an imperfect home with imperfect people who love each other and love good food.

4. Health. I remember training for my frist marathon thinking  this was kinda crazy, but kinda cool. Three marathons later, my knees feel  a lot older than my age. Yet, I remember one thing from a trainer that I was working with for a few months, after I had to recover from an injury. It was a simple question “do you want to walk or do you want a six pack (regarding my abdominals) ?” I picked walking and considering where my knees were a few years ago, I can not believe that I went running  a few days ago (nothing fancy, short and with the dog) and it felt great! More importantly, I am in a better place than where I was at the start of 2012.. I try to take care of myself, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

5. I left a CRAZY A$% job. Why am I thankful? I had to make the choice and even though, I lined something else before I left the mouth of the devil, actually, I left the digestive lining of the devil. Seriously. One person put it best, you were in a hole and you were really trying hard to dig yourself out, but 100 people were putting dirt in this hole and you just kept on digging thinking, I just have to work harder…So, I did work harder to leave the pits of the devil and when I started my first day at my new job, I realized I was out of the pits of the devil.

6. A-G-E-N-C-Y! Last week some one let me know that I was actually living my sense of agency.  I love this word and its context!  I think that everyone wants to feel like they are in control of their happiness, their life. We all know there is so much that is out of our control (what time the train comes, the weather, and HOSTESS going out of business). Yet, your happiness, mental health, and so many other things are in your control and eventually this sense of agency gives you the self-confidence and I think self-worth to know how to navigate the world and people around you.

7. Accepting Help. At the start of the year, some one came into my life. I was so reluctant to accept their help. I finally realized and was able to articulate it yesterday. This person did not come packaged the way I thought they should be packaged. I was looking for a red box with a gold bow and this box was purple and did not have a bow. I eventually accepted their help (thank goodness) because they were always their when I needed them. And, after developing a close relationship with them, I realized that help comes in all forms and when it comes accept it.

8. Giving. The last seven points were pretty much about everything that came to my life and those around me. One of the things that I am thankful for is that I can still give something. It is not always money, but it is my time, my support, my hugs, sometimes it might be a quiche. I am planning to spend some time in the Rockaways this weekend to give to people who lost so much.

9. Now, please let us know, what are you most THANKFUL for this year? PLease pass this one and just put something in the comments section.

Thank you for reading and sharing! ~Erzuhlie.


~ by travelling womanists on November 21, 2012.

3 Responses to “Thankful in 2012!”

  1. I’m grateful for your insight and your friendship.

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