When it rains…Seattle, I think I like you!!

Sunny Seattle?!

Sunny Seattle?!


Unfortunately, the sun and Seattle had a falling out and I am forced to find the loveliness of this West Coast city without my dear friend. After 3 days of rain and mistiness the sun peeked through a couple of clouds as I slowly wandered toward downtown. My goal? To get brunch with a friend of a friend and discover Pikes Place Market.

The Market

The Market

I wandered under the monorail, sneakingly eyed some hipsters, cursed the sky for its love affair with clouds, slowly smiled as I passed at least 3 or 4 Pho and Ethiopian restaurants and wished I had planned better for my trip.

I finally arrived at my location that was fittingly directly across from an Earth Day Rally. As I listened to the powerful words of an indigenous youth leader, I realized this was the perfect beginning to a fun vacation. This slow walk also sparked my new travel philosophy: w(o/a)ndering is my thang!!

Earth Day...Seattle Style

Earth Day…Seattle Style

Brunch turned into more wandering. I discovered that the most amazing tulips and flowers grow in Seattle.  I took in every color, shape and fragrant piece of the flowering market. As I walked with my wandering companion we passed a disgusting wall of gum and some awesome wheat paste art. As we parted ways the ran started to come down and I was “forced” to find shelter in City Target then Ross then H&M and finally Nordstrom Rack. Ironically I sometimes love shopping outside of the city in which I reside. After a couple hours if retail therapy I headed back to pick up my luggage and head to my Air BnB digs for the evening.



As I approached Mount Baker, I realized that I had a great day meandering through this surprisingly happy yet dreary city. I relaxed at my little place in a neighborhood just outside the inner part of the city, ate some awesome Ethiopian food and planned for my last day in Seattle.


~ by travelling womanists on May 29, 2013.

One Response to “When it rains…Seattle, I think I like you!!”

  1. I’ve heard Seattle is rainy. Sun is my friend too so so far I haven’t ventured out there yet. Although I must say where I am right now in the Berkshires is quite rainy as well.

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