Welcome to Amelia Island and Relaxation!

Hello everyone! I know it has been a while. I decided to take advantage of a “very, very low cost, almost free vacation” this week. My significant other is currently attending a Java Script Conference, while I blog. Hey, that seems fair, right?  (I hope that in the next post, I can post the photos that I took). 

Amelia Island is located about 35 miles north of Jacksonville, Florida. Let me be honest. I thought that I was going to a “nice” resort and I hate resorts. Then, something magically happened. I started to relax and if you have been reading this blog long enough or know me, that is really hard. But, this was great!

I decided to see if a friend had time to meet during this trip and by chance he happened to be in the area. Considered that he lived about two hours away, we decided to seize the opportunity and hang out! An oyster po’boy, clams and a few amazing views later, it was decided to head back to the hotel to enjoy the beach. 

Looking west from the Atlantic ocean to the new two-tier infinity edge pool with poolside dining and Beach Club.

                                       The Omni Amelia Island Plantation.

I spent my first day at the pool, just reading, writing and napping. I felt so guilty and eventually, the suns rays, killed all the guilt that I had. Four hours later, rested, chapters into Zadie Smiths book, NW, and stories and poems written about Haiti, it became clear, I did not have to feel guilty about recharging. Next week, work would be there, Haiti would still be Haiti and there was no need to worry about the future. I had to be present! Present, to enjoy the pool in front of me! 

The conference is over today and tomorrow morning I head back to New York. I wanted to share, that it only took me a few thousand frequent flier miles to relax. And, to think that it happened in a resort in Florida. 

Stay tuned for some of the other adventures that took place during the week. I am headed to the beach and pool to relax!

Want to know more about the places or things mentioned above? Here are the links. 

1. Java Script, JSConf, http://2013.jsconf.us/

2. Amelia Island Omni Resort and Hotel, http://www.omnihotels.com/FindAHotel/AmeliaIsland.aspx

3. Timotis Fry Shak, Oyster Po’ Boy,  http://www.timotisfryshak.com/

4. The Salty Pelican, Nice buttery and rich clams, http://www.thesaltypelicanamelia.com






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