Maine is Wicked Awesome!

The vacation jar filled up and our stress levels were too high, it just seemed like a great time to get away from New York City. I love the City, but the tension (stress) that I carry in my shoulders is one of the things that I accept about this place. The idea of vacation and relaxing were welcome, I realized that I had not been one vacation in about a year. Maine was decided upon and being outside, around Acadia National Park,  was a central theme to my time in Maine. This whole week, I will be sharing what to do, eat, how dog friendly Maine was and the lessons that I learned when I took time to enjoy the larger things around me.

I did not realize that I needed a vacation until the stress melted away after my first night sleeping in a tent. Acadia National Park, offers two campgrounds that are outside of the park. Since Blackwoods were completely booked, the Seawall was our second choice. We happened to get the last campsite for the night at Seawall and met great people during our stay in the campground. I highly recommend the Seawall, the only downside, is if you want to be closer to Bar Harbor, try to get to Blackwoods.

Lesson 1: I am crazy for not taking a vacation earlier. I live in one of the most stressful cities in the world. Skyscrapers and buildings are beautiful, I do love urban living. Yet, country living filled with stars, sunlight and fresh air are exactly what I need to disconnect.


Eagle Lake. I wish this was just a few minutes away.

Eagle Lake. I wish this was just a few minutes away.

Lesson 2: The colors of Maine are amazing! The colors that you see in Acadia National Park and on the Mount Desert Island comfort and excite you. They make you realize that only Mother Nature, could have produced these rich tones. These colors never get old.


The rocks alongs the Eagle Trail.

The rocks alongs the Eagle Trail.



Lesson 3: Lobster, shmobster…I’m just not that into the lobster roll. I definitely don’t think I am a fan of the “naked lobster roll”. In Maine, the lobster is uber fresh, but I just did not appreciate the lack of sauce. I did find out, that I love haddock.  I think the best haddock sandwich that I had in the area, was served at Maine-ly Delights!  The haddock fillet was thick, seasoned and fresh. The view was filled with water, boats, and a bald eagle happened to fly by during our meal.

I'm just not that into you lobster.

I’m just not that into you lobster.


Haddock, I really like you!

Haddock, I really like you!


This week, all things Maine! Come back to get more information on Bar Harbor and why you can actually bring your dog along with you for the ride. Thanks for reading!











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  1. I thought the lobster was amaz-a-ballz! so fresh and delicious, especially the one bought on the road, and cooked over the fire. yum! to each their own, or something 🙂

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