Maine in Sight

Maine, has so much to offer the person that enjoys being outdoors. I spent the majority of time in and around Acadia National Park and today I wanted to share with you a little bit of eye candy! Over the last few days, being outside the wealth of Maine has to be its natural landscape. I do not know the future, but I do hope that I get to return again and again to this magical place.

PLease enjoy and I can’t wait to share more about Maine this week!  I hope that these pictures are making you put Maine on your vacation list!



I am obsessed with fungi!


Just another beauty at Acadia National Park.


One of the many views at Eagle Lake.


One of my favorite places at Acadia National Park, Eagle Lake.





The “little” Lighthouse, found on our way home.


My partner, the “birder”.




The fungi of Acadia.




I thought about snakes shedding their skin. Maybe, it is also time for me to shed some skin?


More fungi, please!


How often do you see fungi getting eaten?


Cadillac Mountain at Sunset

IMG_2726 IMG_2712

Two in One!


~ by travelling womanists on August 20, 2013.

One Response to “Maine in Sight”

  1. Yes, Mother Nature’s wonders from biggest to the smallest can be appreciated.

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