The Rebuilding of Haiti

Four years ago, goodoo goodoo (earthquake, ground moving) became a part of everyones vernacular. Many remember, exactly where they were when the earthquake happened and the exact moment, when they found out that their family or friends made it out safely or perished. Since that day, a new Haiti has emerged.  New political leaders, promising ambitious plans for its citizens and for those working in and “for Haiti”.  Haiti, is rebuilding and while hope in contagious, a new population has emerged that are easily cast aside: the vulnerable. As Haiti, becomes “open for tourism” and attracts international investors, the poor, young girls, women, the elderly and the disabled must not be forgotten or pushed aside into new slums. The new Haiti seems promising for “everyone”, many people, genuinely want to see this country finally thrive. Yet, we must always ask ourselves at what cost? 



                      The first elderly woman in the area where I was working in 2010.







This tent would be for some of the elderly people that lost their homes. Younger men were tasked with building a tent for them.






                          Morning house chores delegated to young girls




    A young girl, who wanted to know specifically, what I would be bringing to her town.




~ by travelling womanists on January 12, 2014.

2 Responses to “The Rebuilding of Haiti”

  1. Thank you for your service Lodz in my hometown and our country. Our people will always remember your sweet face. That young girl in the above picture, we call her Nounoune, she is my cousin, she has grown so much since. She has developed into a beautiful, supper smart young lady. She is currently attending school in Port in the 9th grade. We will never forget!

    • Wow! What a small world! I hope that she is doing well. It is so sad, that people in rural Haiti have to leave their towns to thrive. I wish more could be done for Cotes de Fer. I miss everyone there.

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