Ayiti Cherie.

As I check off the many things off my to-do list, (ahhh, just added another thing!), I am actually getting closer to Haiti. Haiti, the nation that is associated with poverty, HIV, and voodoo is the land that I love and am returning to this week. I was just building my life outside of Haiti and finally getting into my groove. Then, life happened and a 7.0 earthquake devastated Haiti. I understand what that means literally, but I have no idea what all of this information feels like when you are standing in a place that used to be your home.

I have no idea what it will look like when I see my best Haitian friend, who lost everything. His family is in a tent with a small child, (that finally came back to Haiti to visit family), his mother and grandmother. What on earth is he supposed to do? He is an amazing person and so he remains positive. He asks me, how I am holding up?  Before we end our online chats he asks a favor. A small favor…a tent. Nothing else, no use our contacts to see what can be done. He simply asks for a tent and is working to ensure his daughter gets back to the States.  He is Haiti. I know that I will be okay if he is okay. How is he okay? I have no idea. I realize now that I am going back to Haiti, the epicenter of contradictions and mysteries.


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