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Hello Everyone,

I had the opportunity to visit the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) with my little cousin for a school project.  Here are  few pictures that got my attention.

So we are trying to figure out how to get this whole blog thing together and worked out.  I am going to try to post pics on this portion of the website.  These pictures reflect versions of women that I saw on a fun trip to Brooklyn (via the 4 train when I lived in The Bronx).  Travelling to the land of Afro Punk made my day day day.  I hope you enjoy these pieces of live art made by a couple of local artists.

Black Snake Moan

Afro Punked Arte...Serious Bizness

Afro Punk Arte - Stare into my eyes

Afro Punked Arte - Mezmorized

Afro Punked Arte - Contemplation

Afro Punked Arte - Contemplation


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