Traces of Past: Our Fathers fathers father….places faces and GOMA

Before presenting my pictures I thought I might add these amazing portraits that so Beautifully & Eloquently convey the deep stories of those living in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

A short time ago, I took a trip that changed my life.  We met many people and observed faces.  I must admit that I love portraits especially those of faces.  These 4 pics sum up a trip to the beautiful Lake Kivu (which may not be around for long cause it is an exploding lake ) which is close to the Democratic Republic of Congo.  I spent a few hours in Goma, DRC in search of passport stamps, adventure and some bright yellow fake crocs.  It was a wonderful trip and these pics remind me of all the fun I had questioning the significance of 50 cent, wondering what happened to all the meat that was supposed to be on my chicken and crying with a woman with beautiful purple hair.

Who Knew?

50 Cent + Lake Kivu = Social Impact of Hip Hop?

Travelling Womanists in Goma: I am your Sister

Pretty in Pink

The Feet of Travelling Womanists


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