ABW? I dont think so…just observing and spitting the truth?!

number 1

number 1

So I am too excited about trying to write these botlegg haikus and poetry.  This is all very fascinating to me because quite frankly for the past couple years (well most of my life) I have never really been able to do anything creative with words besides cut them out of a magazine and stick them into a collage.  Anywho, I am in this phase where I feel like trying to be creative with the words.   Yeah man creative with the words!!!  I am also a little excited because this will be my third post this week…this is a record for me me me!!   Anyway enough with the narcissism and the use of the words i or me….

Pissing Contest

Who invented the intellectual pissing contest?

Dedicated to the 1 I (will) Love(d)

that is all….

Emancipate UrSELF

slightly underdeveloped
social consciousness
self liberated ignorance

JJ started it I gon FINISH IT

Perpetual Cycles of
infinite disappointment awaits


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