Away We Go! conciousNESS on the HORIZON

Self-Portrait on the Border Line Between Mexico and the United States

Self-Portrait on the Border Line Between Mexico and the United States

Recently it has become totally and utterly apparent that my time here in New York has really gotten to me.  We continue to write about our travels here and there and how they impact our lives.  It was only recently during a short conversation with a good friend of mine that I realized my obsession with space and place and how it impacts me and I impact IT have become overwhelmingly 2 MUCH of who I am.  They are not a part of who I am in a good way.  They have become manifestos and monologues that I constantly recite in my head over and over again, utilizing them as tools to analyze my constant struggle to become “successful” at the game of life.  In this I think about one of my favorite Frida Kahlo paintings entitled Self Portrait on the Borderline between the US and Mexico Border. When I see this picture I think of tons of things.  I think of environmental injustice (of course).  I think of the complicated and free iterative life that Frida Kahlo lived.  Recently I began to think about the notion of identify and how one is able to pontificate their dual and/or multiconciousness into a clear stream of thought and action.  In this eloquent expression Frida Kahlo identifies all the keys within her past, present and future.  In some ways she has channeled her energy to explain what I can not.  The self-portrait demonstrates the impact of place, space and time on her conciousness and how she views herself at a specific point while embracing many contradictions.  As I slowly work on getting out of my head, I realize the journey that I am on has entered a new phase.  Hopefully I will use this time of opportunity to not struggle from within and without but embrace what is meant to be…

Peace B. Still


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