Happy Black Woman…3 days and counting!?

+ personal growth

A little bit ago a friend sent me a link to this website called Happy Black Woman.  Its funny cause usually when I see things like this I am not always the most open to them.  However, at this point in time it seemed to be the right fit for me to rethink what has really been going on in my life and reassess my goals for the present and future.  It’s fascinating to me because I am a person that usually sets very long-range goals with the expectation that I will achieve the goal in 10 – 15 years.  The thing is, the last time I set some goals I was 18 years old.  I am not 30 and basically accomplished most of the goals that I set out for myself.  The funny thing is, once you arrive what happens next?  This I find to be a funny situation because in some views, I have not arrived!  But for me, I have!  I am a firm believer that things are fluid but at this point in time the fluidity of my life is looking less like a healthy stream and more like a toxic lake that choking on the abundance of nutrients inside and needed to purge the bacteria that is slowly killing it (sorry for the misplaced environmental reference…they just come out of me sometimes.  I do love environmental science!!!) .

Given all of this, I found that my 30th birthday, the anniversary of me being in NYC for 3 years is the perfect time for me to begin creating a healthy place and space for myself in the world.  So I have begun the 31 day reset.  I am on day 3 and I love it.  I can not stop talking about it and I have been passing on the website to any and everyone that I know.  As part of the process I am going to share some tidbits of my journey on this process and hope that you will share your comments as well.  As a travelling womanist I plan to take trips of the mind, body and spirit (this is especially important during tough economic times!! wink wink).

In that here are my first 3 days of exercises.

Day 1: What is your mantra?

I have to thank my dear friend, Ms. Yolande Cadore, for helping me develop this.  Without her guidance, I would not have found this….

my life is special.

i live my truth.

i nurture my spirit.

i celebrate me.

Day 2: Self Assessment

I took my loves & hates for each of the 7 areas in my life…i will share one love (<3) & one hate (H8) from each section

Lifestyle <3: NYC H8:NYC

Work <3: environment H8: denial

Education <3:MPH H8:procrastination

Finances <3: spending $$ H8: spending $$

Health <3: meditation H8: not working out

Family <3: love & support of friends & family H8: distance

Relationships <3: time as love language H8: fear

Day 3: Values

my 10 values are:

  1. Sankofa – you must know your past in order to move on into the future.  my recognition and realization that i represent the ancestors, the present and the future.
  2. Equinimity – i heard this at a mediation that i went to and it spoke to me.  there is no need for too much good or too much bad…balance is what we need.
  3. Openess to possibilities (Infinity) – this is self explanatory in love, life, work & play.
  4. Celebrating Creativity (Kuumba) – this is what i love and can use to move forward in all facets of my life.
  5. Living through learning – or learning through living.
  6. Recognizing & believing in my worth by translating my dreams into action/reality – self explanatory.
  7. Travelling in Mind, Body & Spirit – this is a shout out to this blog and all that it means to me (thanks Ezrulie for being my blogmate!)
  8. Environmentalism – this is at my core.  we are our environment we only cherish what we have for future generations.
  9. Embracing the unknown
  10. Patience with those that I love the most – This is mostly for my MOTHER 🙂
I thank everyone for allowing me to have this space and appreciate any and all of you that read this.  This is not Rant but a process…or maybe that is also want a rant can be a process of achieving clarity through rage or intense emotion.
Peace B. Still,

(we + you) * beauty = me


2 Responses to “Happy Black Woman…3 days and counting!?”

  1. Love it!

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