Happy Black Woman…6 days & counting?! kinda…

HBW...get it get it

So its amazing been an amazing month and a half since i turned 30.  Funny enough i knew i was ready to actually begin the HBW 31 day reset because of my change in attitude and desire to really be open to the possibilities that lay ahead.  i refused to get depressed by my surmounting debt and really figure out a way to be a 40-something that will really be in control of her own destiny (not to say that i am not now but you know what i mean).  So i got pretty busy at work and school and random otherness and got a little bit behind but i am almost all caught up with my exercises (unfortunately the looming vision board has fallen to a bunch of different places on my priority list – hence the kinda in the title).  So here goes my report back.  Dont forget to check out the rest of the wonderful blog Travelling Womanists!!

Day 4: Values in Action

I figured that I would share one of my values in action.  This one is nearest and dearest to my heart because part of the process of working to be more patient with the people that I love in my life.  Often, I think in figuring out love and the many contradictions of the here and there we are harsh with those that are most close to us.  I find this especially in the tenuous and evolving relationship with my mother.  Momi (this is how she loves for me to spell the endearing term that i use for her, this is for you)


Stop rolling my eyes when i disagree

call my momi @least once a week to talk about nothing and remind myself what an honor it is to have a momi like you

make sure to tell everyone that i love that i love them especially my dear brother

forgive and forgive

peace be still

Day 5: My Personal Mission Statement

Because my life is special i will honor the ancestors through my life course.  I am committed to my truth and will remain connected to my core values of love, patience, respect and honesty.  I promise to nurture my spirit be embracing the unknown while transcending my dreams into action.  Through life long learning I will travel the world while maintaining balance in my relationships with family, friends, work and the earth.  By honoring all things within the ecosystem I celebrate we. ASHE

Day 6: Life Map

I have no idea how to visually represent this so see the picture below

My Life Map

I also thought that you all might like to see my map for life in NYC with a good reminder on it…

Map to find ❤ in NYC

So I think that I will post the next 3 days in another post cause this is getting a bit too long.  I hope you enjoyed this quick glimpse into my journey through the reset.  Please leave a comment and share your thoughts too.  I also just want to thank Rosetta Thurman for this great program.  I just cant stop talking about it.  If you are interested dont be afraid to click here and begin the process today.

Peace B. Still,



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