The Way We Hear The World

Here is what the world sounds like through our ears….these are songs that shape our reality as Travelling Womanists

I love my HAIR!!!!!!!!!!

Soooo…my obssession with South African music and artists continues.  While travelling with my buddy, I was able to learn about tons of new artists.  Fortunately or unfortunately, I have not been keeping up with new music the way I used to but thought that someone might appreciate a couple of videos from two awesome artists.  ENJOY!!!

Just last night I attended an amazing concert.  The artist that performed (whom I have been sleepin on for quite some time) was Janelle Monae.   In realizing that she is my new musical obsession for the moment, I thought it would be fitting to post an older video from her last album (Metropolis) on our blog.  Her music and lyrics take me on a journey.  While listening to some of her new tracks, I have come to realize that my limited physical travel plans will be limited in the coming year.  The travel that I plan for the coming year and a half (outside of work that is) will be in mind and spirit.  With this in mind, I invite you to come on a journey with Janelle Monae.   ENJOY!!!  -SRflctnst


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