PatholoGIES of LOVE

So a friend of mind recently sent me a song that I thought I would love based on the title…..Pretty Girl Rock.  I thought that I would love this song because maybe Keri Hilson would surprise me and actually have some content in a pop song that would maybe be a little bit nice and would appeal to peeps on this side of the game (whatever that means).  So while I love the fun and contrast that this song brings in light of  a huge musical misfortune (pretty boy swag by mista solja boy himself), I realized that I can love this video for a number of reasons and dislike it for a number of reasons.  I realized that maybe I keep looking for BLACK GIRL LOVE in ALL THE WRONG PLACES.  but is it too much to ask to get some variety in the images that we see….this video celebrate the DICHOTOMY OF OUR LIVES.  you have respect for those pop icons of the past but also the perpetuation of a narrow and in this case VERY NARROW standard of love.  We are the diaspora.  We are all different and I LOVE the PRETTY GIRL ROCK for all that it is & isnt!!



Most of all I thought I would provide a bit of a contrast and some shameless promotion for my homie miss charity clay.  She provides a nice contrast to the female Emcees that we see on a day to day basis.  I like that she has stuck to her guns and is still working toward letting people know her thoughts, ideas and prayers for the day.  Her lyrics express her pathologies of power, love and pain but manifest in something beautiful.  Enjoy!!




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